How to Get Into SAB World 3

The GW2 Super Adventure Festival 2023 introduced the long-awaited Super Adventure Box World 3. This world has a mining theme, and is currently available as Test Zone.

  1. To enter the SAB World 3 Test Zone, enter the Super Adventure Box Hub and go to the World 3 entrance cabin.
  2. Interact with the note on the door of the cabin.
  3. Talk to Moto. He is located outside the Super Adventure Box in Rata Sum.
Talk to Moto outside SAB to enter world 3 test zone GW2

4. Agree to help him test the box.

5. Return to the Super Adventure Box Hub.

6. Go to the World 3 entrance cabin. You now have the option to enter the Test Zone.

GW2 SAB world 3 test zone

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