Eternal Ice Shards

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If you have spent much time in the GW2 Bjora Marches map, you have probably accumulated a lot of Eternal Ice Shards. You may even have earned an Eternal Ice node for your home instance. Now the question is, what should you do with Eternal Ice Shards?

Exchange Eternal Ice For Map Currencies

For many players, the best use for Eternal Ice Shards is exchanging them for map currencies from other maps. This is particularly helpful for anyone who is working on the Skyscale collection.

The karma merchant Anette Eymundrdottir sells:

  • 25 Kralkatite Ore
  • 10 Difluorite Crystal
  • 10 Inscribed Shard
  • 10 Lump of Mistonium
  • 10 Branded Mass
  • 10 Mistborn Mote

You can buy these for 2,688 karma plus 75 Eternal Ice Shards.

Unlike other map currency vendors, there is no daily limit for exchanging currency with the vendor in Bjora Marches. However, the exchange costs both Eternal Ice and karma. A small extra price to pay for the ability to exchange as much Eternal Ice as you want, any day, any time.

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Buy Ascended Trinkets

There are two stat-selectable ascended trinkets you can buy with Eternal Ice Shards in Bjora Marches.

Asgeir’s Amulet

After you finish The Hunger collection, you can buy this stat-selectable ascended amulet from the karma vendor Bright Shore. The amulet costs 56,000 karma plus 375 Eternal Ice Shards.

Asgeir’s Talisman

After you finish the Idolatry achievement, you can buy this stat-selectable ascended accessory from the karma vendor Humble Stone. The accessory costs 56,000 karma plus 375 Eternal Ice Shards.

Craft Eitrite Ingots

You can craft 25 Eternal Ice Shards, 1 Orichalcum Ingot, 1 Glacial Lodestone, and 1 Corrupted Lodestone into an Eitrite Ingot. You can then use these ingots to craft the Boreal weapons, and the exotic staff Boneskinner’s Spine.

To craft Eitrite Ingots, you will need a character with level 400 in one of the following crafting disciplines:

  • Leatherworker
  • Armorsmith
  • Tailor
  • Artificer
  • Weaponsmith
  • Huntsman

Fishing Rod Staff

You can buy the Still Waters Fishing Rod staff with 250 Eternal Ice Shards. See our article on the fishing rod staff for more information.

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