Guild Wars 2 News

Guild Wars 2 News
The Icebrood Saga Continues
  • Time for eerie "Whisper in the Dark"
  • Get loot, craft new weapons, and unlock new achievements
  • Team up to attack the Boneskinner
  • Participate in the meta, try not to freeze to death!
  • Explore the new map, Bjora Marches

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Storms of Winter (Blizzard Meta) Guide Storms of Winter (Blizzard Meta) Guide

Storms of Winter is the meta event in the GW2 Bjora Marches map. Also called the "blizzard meta" or "snowstorm meta," learn how to fight the blizzard and participate in the meta to get loot, XP, and the Raven's Favor achievement.

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Defeat the Champion Aberrant Murellow Defeat the Champion Aberrant Murellow

For many players, Champion Aberrant Murellow is one of the trickiest champs to kill for the GW2 Hunting Champions achievement. This is due to its out-of-the-way location, the way it spawns semi-randomly, and the fact that it seems to be slightly glitched. Read on to learn more about how to find and kill the Champion Aberrant Murellow.

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Guardian GuideGuardian Guide

Guardian is arguably the most well-rounded class in GW2, with an excellent balance between ease of use, DPS, and flexible build options.

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