Guild Wars 2 News

Guild Wars 2 News
Welcome to Bound By Blood
  • Welcome to "Bound by Blood"
  • Enjoy Braham drunk-dialing you as you roam Grothmar Valley.
  • Explore the great new map, Grothmar Valley
  • Participate in a rock concert to rival Meatoberfest!
  • Halloween 2019 starts Oct 15

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Turn Winterberries into Gold Turn Winterberries into Gold

Have you heard players talk about the "winterberry farm" in the GW2 Bitterfrost Frontier map, and wondered how you turn winterberries into gold? Or how to use winterberries to buy ascended gear? Read on to learn how to farm winterberries for gold and ascended trinkets and backpieces.

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How to Play Lunatic Inquisition How to Play Lunatic Inquisition

Lunatic Inquisition is basically Southsun Survival on the GW2 Mad King's Labyrinth map.

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How to Get Rid of “The Sad Glowing Man”How to Get Rid of “The Sad Glowing Man”

Are you being plagued by the vision of a sad, glowy man that no one else can see? Think you're going crazy? You're not! He's real, and we know how to get rid of him forever.

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