Super Adventure Box Overview

The Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2 Rata Sum

Super Adventure Box (SAB) is an annual festival which happens around April 1st, and is based in Rata Sum. Learn what’s worth doing during the annual GW2 Super Adventure Box festival, including skins, achievements, special festival dungeons, and more.

Using TacO for SAB

We highly recommend using the TacO overlay for Super Adventure Box (SAB). TacO points to hidden chests, baubles, routes to get to shops, and all that other stuff that’s maddening to find. Instead of having a YouTube guide open on your phone or second monitor, use TacO!

For more information about TacO, including step-by-step instructions for installing and using it, see our TacO guide.

SAB Dailies

Every day you are assigned five daily Super Adventure Festival tasks. Complete three of those tasks to finish the daily achievement. Every time you finish the Super Adventure Festival daily achievements, you are awarded the Box of Super Adventure Box Goods which contains:

  • 1 Continue Coin
  • 2 Fancy Furniture Coins
  • 8 Baubles
  • 1 Crimson Assassin Token

Complete the SAB dailies eight times during the festival to earn a Super Adventure Weapons Box. This box lets you select one of the Kaiser (orange) weapon skins or 8 Crimson Assassin Tokens.

Note: These Kaiser weapon skins are account bound. You cannot sell them on the Trading Post.

For guidance with the dailies, see this helpful wiki page: Guide to Daily Super Adventure Festival Achievements.

SAB Weapons and Skins

The Super Adventure Festival has four different weapon skin sets, each in a different color. See our articles to learn how to unlock these weapons and skins:

SAB Difficulty Levels

When you start a SAB world, you have the choice of three difficulty levels: Infantile, Normal, and Tribulation.

Infantile Mode

In this mode, happy clouds provide rainbow paths so that you can easily get past difficult jumps. Infantile Mode is the fastest way to rush through a SAB world, and can be very useful for some of the SAB dailies.

However, the following SAB dailies cannot be completed on Infantile Mode:

  • Adventuring
  • Mineral Resource Extraction

Tribulation Mode

Tribulation Mode is the highest difficulty setting. It features booby traps, difficult jumps, and random spawns that will kill your character in one hit.

In exchange for the increased difficulty, Tribulation Mode features exclusive rewards, including:

  • King Toad’s weapon skins
  • Storm Wizard’s weapon skins
  • A set of achievements which can only be completed in Tribulation Mode
  • More baubles awarded from the end chest

What is World 3?

During Super Adventure Box, you will probably hear other players mention “world 3.”

World 1 is the beginning dungeon, which consists of Sunny Glade, Dark Woods, and Kingdom of Fungus. World 2 is the intermediate level, with Rapids, Pain Cliffs, Storm Top, and Robbers.

World 3 was intended to be the final and most advanced level of SAB. ArenaNet teased this world early on, and until 2023, The Hub featured a World 3 house which you could not interact with.

In 2023, ArenaNet launched a partial release for World 3. Called “Test Zone,” this world has a mining theme, and includes several new features.

Buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers

You can buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers during Super Adventure Festival from the Super Adventure Box Weekly Trader in Rata Sum. Click here to learn more about Tyrian Exchange Vouchers.

SAB History

The first release of Super Adventure Box was an April Fool’s joke by ArenaNet. The festival’s cheerful 8-bit retro aesthetic and emphasis on jumping puzzles appealed to many players, who mourned its passing after the first festival ended.

For many years, players staged in-game protests on April Fool’s Day in Rata Sum. These protests usually took the form of a parade around the main level of Rata Sum.

Eventually, ArenaNet brought Super Adventure Box back as an annual festival. Every year has brought new content, new skins, and new additions to this fun annual tradition.

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