Jeweler Guide

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Jeweler is unusual among the GW2 crafting professions in two ways. First, if you have been playing for a while, you have probably accumulated all the materials you need to level up Jeweler.

Second, Jeweler is the most lucrative crafting profession to level. By which I mean, you can break even or make a slight profit by selling most Jeweler products. Most crafting disciplines are a money sink until you get to the maximum level.

These two factors make Jeweler a good choice if you have been playing for a while, and you’re mainly looking for a crafting discipline to use for leveling your character.

Jeweler is also, along with Chef, one of only two crafting disciplines which is useful for all professions. But unlike Chef, Jeweler can be used to create some of the Gifts you need to craft a Legendary: Gift of Ice, Gift of Music, Shark Statue, Unicorn Statue, and Vial of Quicksilver.

Crafting Ascended Jewelry and Trinkets

Unlike the weapons and armor crafting disciplines, you can’t use Jeweler to create Ascended items.

Ascended trinkets can only be bought from vendors, earned from achievements, or received as random drops. Ascended trinkets cannot be crafted.

See the official Guild Wars 2 wiki for details on how to get Ascended trinkets.

TIP: For most players, the easiest way to get Ascended trinkets is to buy them with either laurels or Guild Commendations. You earn Commendations for doing Guild Missions.

Level Up Jeweler

As with all Guild Wars 2 crafting disciplines, the most efficient way to level up is to use the Discovery panel. The process for each tier is the same:

Step 1. Production Panel

  • Craft 6 of component A (Band)
  • Craft 6 of component B (Chain)
  • Craft 6 of component C (Hook)
  • Craft 6 of component D (Setting)

Step 2. Discovery Panel

  • 1 of component A, B, C, or D
  • 1 jewel

For example, an Initiate Jeweler would:

Step 1. Production Panel

  • Craft 6 Silver Bands
  • Craft 6 Silver Chains
  • Craft 6 Silver Hooks
  • Craft 6 Silver Settings

Step 2. Discovery Panel

  • 1 Silver Band
  • 1 Amethyst Nugget


  • 1 Silver Chain
  • 1 Amethyst Nugget

And so on.

Make Money With Jeweler

After you max out Jeweler at level 400, there are a few things you can craft and sell for gold. These include the Azurite Orichalcum, Ruby Orichalcum, Emerald Orichalcum, Passiflora Orichalcum, and Snowflake Orichalcum trinkets.

Profit margins are slim, so if you don’t already have the materials to create these on hand, it’s usually not worth buying the materials on the Trading Post to craft and sell the item.

Bonus Crafting XP

If you’re leveling up crafting in order to level your character, maximize your progress by using a Crafting Booster.

If you belong to a guild with a developed Guild Hall, you can also get the Guild Crafting boost from the Tavern Proprietor. (Note: Only available to players who have the Heart of Thorns expansion.)

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