Jeweler Guide

The Jeweler crafting discipline creates trinkets: amulets, rings, and earrings. Jeweler is one of only two crafting disciplines which are useful for any profession, because any profession can use these trinkets.


Why choose Jeweler

Jeweler has three attractive features:

  • If you have been playing for a while, you have probably accumulated a lot of the materials you need to level up Jeweler.
  • Because any profession can use Jeweler items, it’s one of only two crafting disciplines (the other being Chef) which are useful for any character.
    • Unlike Chef, Jewelers can craft certain Gifts for Legendary Weapons:
    • Gift of Ice
    • Gift of Music
    • Shark Statue
    • Unicorn Statue
  • Jeweler is the most lucrative crafting profession to level.
    • You can break even or make a slight profit by selling most Jeweler items levels 1-399.
    • Most crafting disciplines are a money sink until you get to the maximum level.

Research Notes

Jeweler got a big boost with the End of Dragons expansion, and its endless thirst for Research Notes. Jeweler is the cheapest way to craft items you can salvage for Research Notes. Read more about it in our article on the best way to get Research Notes.

Level Jeweler fast

As with all Guild Wars 2 crafting disciplines, the most efficient way to level up is to use the Discovery panel. The process for each tier is the same:

Step 1. Production Panel

  • Craft 6 of component A (Band)
  • Craft 6 of component B (Chain)
  • Craft 6 of component C (Hook)
  • Craft 6 of component D (Setting)

Step 2. Discovery Panel

  • 1 of component A, B, C, or D
  • 1 jewel

For example, an Initiate Jeweler would:

Step 1. Production Panel

  • Craft 6 Silver Bands
  • Craft 6 Silver Chains
  • Craft 6 Silver Hooks
  • Craft 6 Silver Settings

Step 2. Discovery Panel

  • 1 Silver Band
  • 1 Amethyst Nugget


  • 1 Silver Chain
  • 1 Amethyst Nugget

And so on.

Maximize crafting XP

To speed up leveling Jeweler, maximize your crafting XP by using a Crafting Booster.

If you belong to a guild with a developed Guild Hall, you can also get the Guild Crafting boost from the Tavern Proprietor. (Note: Only available to players who have the Heart of Thorns expansion.)

Make money with jeweler

After you max out Jeweler at level 400, there are a few things you can craft and sell for gold. These include the Azurite Orichalcum, Ruby Orichalcum, Emerald Orichalcum, Passiflora Orichalcum, and Snowflake Orichalcum trinkets.

Profit margins are slim, so if you don’t already have the materials to create these on hand, it’s usually not worth buying the materials on the Trading Post to craft and sell the item.

Crafting ascended jewelry

The only way to get ascended jewelry items is:

  • Buy from vendors
  • Earn from achievements
  • Random drops

You cannot craft ascended trinkets.

See the official Guild Wars 2 wiki for details on how to get Ascended trinkets.

TIP: The easiest way to get Ascended trinkets is to buy them with laurels or Guild Commendations. You earn Commendations for doing Guild Missions.

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