Griffon Mount Guide

Guild Wars 2 Griffon mount

The GW2 Griffon is a “secret mount” which can fly, and can gain altitude by flapping. The Griffon feathers can be recolored with dyes in the Equipment tab of the Hero Panel.

In addition to completing the Path of Fire storyline and a set of collections, you will need to pay a total of 250 gold to heart vendors in order to unlock the Griffon mount.

Where do you get a Griffon mount?

Step 1: Finish the Path of Fire storyline.

Step 2: Go to the Sunspear Sanctuary and interact with the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal to get the Spearmarshal’s Lament.

Step 3: Complete the following collections:

Griffon Masteries

It costs a total of 12 Path of Fire Mastery points to completely level up the Griffon mount.

  • Level 1: Soaring Rescue Unlock the ability to mount in midair. Cost: 3 Path of Fire Mastery points.
  • Level 2: Aerial Prowess Learn the Swoop attack. Cost: 4 Path of Fire Mastery points.
  • Level 3: Aerial Finesse Learn the speed boost Wing Flap ability. Cost: 5 Path of Fire Mastery points.

Note: Mounts are part of the Path of Fire expansion pack. You must have Path of Fire in order to get mounts.

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