Roller Beetle Mount Guide

Concept art for the GW2 roller beetle mount

The GW2 Roller Beetle is a large scarab beetle with a speed boost as its special movement mechanic.

Because of its speed boost, the Roller Beetle is an excellent choice for races. However, it takes practice and skill to learn how to use the drift and turn controls correctly.

Where Do You Get a Roller Beetle Mount?

You can unlock the Roller Beetle after completing the second mission in Long Live the Lich. At the beginning of the Tactical Triage story step, speak to Spearmarshal Zaeim in Kourma.

The next three stages are collection achievements. After you unlock the Roller Beetle and complete the collections, you will be rewarded with the Roller Beetle mount.

Roller Beetle Masteries

It costs a total of 12 Path of Fire Mastery points to completely level up the Roller Beetle mount.

  • Level 1: Wrecking Ball Launch foes a short distance when you roll over them. Cost: 3 Mastery points.
  • Level 2: Barrier Smash Smash through special walls to enter secret areas. Cost: 4 Mastery points.
  • Level 3: Big Air Perform airborne tricks to regain endurance after using a boost. Cost: 5 Mastery points.

Note: Mounts are part of the Path of Fire expansion pack. You must have Path of Fire in order to get mounts.

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