Badges of Honor and Skirmish Claim Tickets

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Badges of Honor and Skirmish Claim Tickets are GW2 currencies you can earn in WVW. Learn the best ways to earn them if you need them, and the best ways to spend them if you don’t.

How to Earn Badges of Honor

If you play WVW for very long, you will soon have more Badges of Honor than you know what to do with. You earn Badges of Honor for doing almost anything in WVW, including:

  • Loot bags
  • Capturing a camp or keep
  • WVW dailies

If you need to earn Badges of Honor quickly, stick to the core WVW maps. You can earn Badges of Honor in Edge of the Mists (EOTM), but not as easily or as quickly.

What to Buy With Badges of Honor

Exotic Armor

You can buy exotic armor from the Armor Master. A full set of armor costs 5 gold plus 950 Badges of Honor. If you like doing WVW, this is a great way to get an exotic Berserker’s armor set for your level 80 character.

TIP: When WVW Big Spender is a daily, go to your guild hall and buy a Badge of Tribute from the WVW vendor there. You can then sell the Badge of Tribute on the Trading Post for 10-15 silver.

Ascended Trinkets

The WVW Laurel Merchant sells exotic trinkets for laurels and Badges of Honor. This is a good use of laurels as well. Assuming you have already used laurels to buy Mini Chauncey Von Snuffles III, that is.

Commander Tag

Unlock the commander tag for your account by paying 300 gold and 250 Badges of Honor for the Commander’s Compendium.

How to Earn Skirmish Tickets

You can only earn Skirmish Tickets in the core WVW maps. You cannot earn Skirmish Tickets in Edge of the Mists (EOTM).

Skirmish Tickets are awarded at the end of every two-hour skirmish in WVW. The more pips you earn during the skirmish, the more Skirmish Tickets you get. Learn more about Skirmish Tickets in our guide to WVW participation.

What to Buy With Skirmish Claim Tickets

Because Skirmish Claim Tickets are harder to earn than Badges of Honor, we recommend holding on to them if you don’t have a pressing need to spend them on something in particular.

Legendary WVW Backpiece Warbringer

Have you noticed players wearing the Legendary WVW backpiece, Warbringer? How could you not? This backpiece is a lot. It’s very dramatic.

Talk to Legendary Commander War Razor to unlock the components for the backpiece. Warbringer costs 2,800 Skirmish Claim Tickets to unlock, in addition to about 900 gold worth of other in-game items.

Triumphant Hero Ascended Armor

After you unlock an item of Triumphant armor through the related WVW reward track, you can buy the Tier 2 Ascended version (Triumphant Hero) of that item from the Skirmish Supervisor. Each piece costs 2-3 gold, plus 175-350 Skirmish Claim Tickets, 250 Memory of Battle, and a few other items besides.

After you unlock the Triumphant Hero item, you can buy the Tier 3 version: Mistforged Triumphant Hero. This second upgrade costs 2-3 gold, 350-700 Skirmish Claim Tickets, and 500 Memory of Battle each. You also need to be a minimum WVW rank to unlock the Mistforged Triumphant Hero items. Click here to read more about the requirements on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki.

Mistforged Hero Ascended Weapons

You can unlock the Mistforged Hero Ascended weapons by a similar (and similarly expensive) process of upgrades.

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