Blue Super Weapon Skins

Blue Super scepter Guild Wars 2

To unlock the blue Super weapon skins, you will need to either buy them with gold and Bauble Bubbles, complete the Super Adventure Reward Track, or get them as a random drop from completing World 1 or 2 on either Normal or Tribulation mode.

The blue Super weapon skins are exclusive to the GW2 Super Adventure Box (SAB) festival, and are only available during the festival. These skins are blue, with particle effects and sound effects.

NOTE: These are weapons skins, not actual weapons. You will need to double-click to apply the skin to an existing weapon.

Unlock Super Weapon Skins

There are three ways you can unlock the blue Super weapon skins:

Masterwork Level (Account-Bound)

These are account-bound. You cannot buy or sell them on the Trading Post.

You can buy a Masterwork level Super weapon skin from the Super Adventure Box Weaponsmith. Each skin costs 1 gold and 35 Bauble Bubbles.

You also earn a Masterwork level Super weapon skin each time you finish the Super Adventure Reward Track. This reward track is only available during the Super Adventure Festival.

Rare Level (Tradeable)

The Rare level Super weapon skins are not account-bound. You can buy and sell them on the Trading Post.

These skins are a rare drop from the final chest at the end of World 1 or World 2 in either Normal or Tribulation Mode.

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