Can’t Find the Last Hero Point and POI in Wayfarer Foothills

Gate to Cragstead, Wayfarer Foothills GW2

You may have trouble finding the last two Points of Interest (POIs) and Hero Point (HP) in the GW2 Wayfarer Foothills map. These three things can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the map.

Rugnar’s Steading POI

This POI is located inside Cragstead. Go north from Dolyak Pass waypoint and approach the big wooden gate until you get the prompt asking if you want to enter Cragstead.

Cragstead gates Guild Wars 2

From the entrance, go north and take the first left into the steading.

POI in Cragstead Wayfarer Foothills

Head north and take the first right

Warmspring Grotto POI and Ancient Cave Spring Hero Point

These two items are outside Cragstead. This is confusing, as they appear to be inside Cragstead if you look at the map. They are outside the Cragstead instance, on a different map layer.

Go north from the entrance to Cragstead and take the second right, into a tunnel full of cave spiders.

Entrance to Warmspring Grotto Guild Wars 2

Continue through the tunnel into the cave at the end. The Warmspring Grotto POI is in the center. You will need to fight a Veteran Cave Spider to reach the hero point.

Last Hero Point and POI in Wayfarer Foothills

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