Cleanse Corrupted Spirit Shrines

Corrupted Eagle Spirit Guild Wars 2

Learn the best strategy for cleansing the corrupted spirit shrines in the GW2 Icebrood Saga story step Lost Spirits Found. This is the third story step for Shadow in the Ice. In this step, you help Braham cleanse three corrupted shrines in Bjora Marches: Eagle, Ox, and Wolverine.

NOTE: You can cleanse the shrines in any order. There is an achievement for getting gold participation in 20 Ox, Eagle, or Wolverine shrine events.

Cleanse the Corrupted Wolverine Shrine

The Wolverine Shrine is located in the Ice Spire Peaks area of Bjora Marches. Most players find this the most challenging shrine to cleanse.

For this event, pick up an Offering to Wolverine from the table outside the shrine and carry it through a maze of concentric circles to the shrine in the center. The maze is filled with Toxic Frostcap mushrooms and patrolled by Boneskinners.

Wolverine Shrine Maze Mechanics

The earlier you get to the Wolverine Shrine event, the better. There are no vine walls up when the event begins. At that point, you can practically run directly to the shrine. As the event progresses, the vine walls appear and make it increasingly more difficult to get to the center.

When the event is at 25%, two interior walls appear. At 75%, two more exterior walls appear. After 75%, the two exterior walls start swapping locations, to make it even more difficult.

TIP: If you are getting very frustrated with this shrine, try waiting outside until the event resets. It’s much easier to cleanse the Wolverine Shrine at the beginning of the event.

Wolverine Shrine Hazards

The Wolverine Shrine has three hazards which cancel your attempt to reach the center. When this happens, you reset back to the beginning to start again.

Encroaching Darkness

This effect serves as a timer for your attempt to reach the center of the maze.

While you hold the Offering to Wolverine, it’s applying Encroaching Darkness to you. The longer this effect is on you, the darker your vision gets. Eventually you are reset and sent back to the beginning.

To counter Encroaching Darkness: Find one of the lamps in the maze and stand in its light. This removes the Encroaching Darkness effect, and hides you from the Boneskinners.


When a Boneskinner catches you, you are instantly reset back to the beginning. To avoid the Boneskinners, find one of the lamps and stand in its light. You might also be able to squeeze back into a nook in the vine walls to hide when a Boneskinner passes, but don’t count on it.

You can use teleportation skills like Shadowstep (thief) and Blink (mesmer) to skip past a Boneskinner.

Toxic Mushrooms

The maze is full of Toxic Frostcap mushrooms. Their AoE poisons the Offering. If your Offering gets too much poison, you are reset to the beginning.

Cleanse the Corrupted Ox Shrine

The Ox Shrine is located in the Frostborn Cascades area of Bjora Marches. To cleanse this shrine, transform into an ox. Interact with one of the giant salt blocks and drag it to the shrine as an offering to Ox.

When you get hit by an enemy, it applies a slowness effect called Ox’s Burden. When this effect reaches five stacks, it resets you to your normal form and you have to start again.

Ox Shrine Mechanics

When the event is 50% complete, ice orbs start falling from the sky. Drop your salt lick and stand in the AoE to absorb the damage. There is an achievement for doing this 20 times.

NOTE: After you drag a salt block to the shrine as your offering, you can help other players by standing in the AoEs of incoming ice orbs, and by attacking the Fallen enemies which spawn during this event.

Cleanse the Corrupted Eagle Shrine

This event takes place in the Eaglewatch Rise area of Bjora Marches. This is the most straightforward of the three Corrupted Shrine events. Kill a Corrupted Griffon and pick up the offering it drops. Take that offering to the shrine in the center of the event.

Eagle Shrine Mechanics

Wind gusts will try to knock you off your feet. Stand near the wooden walls to get the Sheltered effect. This protects you from the wind.

You are also protected from the wind when you stand in the middle of the shrine.

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