F2P: How to Get the Best Level 80 Gear

Engineer and Guardian facing off in Guild Wars 2 PVP mode

Free-to-play (f2p) players face a challenge when they reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2. Learn how to get the best level 80 Exotic weapons and armor, despite the restrictions on free-to-play accounts.

Buy Level 80 Gear From the Trading Post

Free-to-play accounts are limited as to what they can buy and sell on the Trading Post. However, you can buy crafted level 80 Exotic weapons and armor. This includes the Primordus weapons and Draconic armor.

Earn Level 80 Gear in Dungeons

Dungeons are the best way to get better gear. Not because dungeons drop good gear – for the most part, they don’t. But because of dungeon tokens.

Every time you run a dungeon, you earn currency specific to that dungeon (called “tokens”). You can spend these tokens on dungeon-specific Exotic gear at the Dungeon Vendor in Lion’s Arch.

Each dungeon has a different stat set for its armor. Choose a dungeon with the stats you want to have, then do that dungeon every day. Dungeon currency is affected by Diminishing Returns (DR), so it’s only worth doing the paths once per day.

TIP: To get Berserker’s gear from Dungeons: Run Arah or Citadel of Flame.

Buy Level 80 Gear with Karma

The Level 80 maps in Orr have Shrines which host recurring meta events. After completing the meta event to liberate the Shrine, a special vendor appears. This vendor sells level 80 gear in exchange for Karma.

TIP: To buy Berserker’s gear for Karma: Talk to Keeper Jonez Deadrun after liberating the Temple of Grenth.

Craft Level 80 Gear

Many f2p players believe they cannot level up their crafting high enough to craft level 80 Exotic gear. This is not true. You can craft level 80 Exotic gear on a free-to-play account, although it will be more difficult than on a paid account.

To make Exotic gear, you only need to be level 400 in your crafting discipline. (You only need to level up to 500 to create Ascended gear.)

If you try to follow an online crafting guide, you may get discouraged. These guides assume you can buy Rare crafting materials on the Trading Post. Our advice is to follow these guides up to that point. Then use the Discovery panel to level up your crafting to 400.

If you prefer to farm Rare crafting materials to level up your crafting, we recommend you focus on Map Bonus Rewards.

Earn Level 80 Gear in WvW

World V World (WvW) unlocks at level 60 for free-to-play accounts. WVW Reward Tracks are a great way to earn high-level gear. Playing WVW also earns you Badges of Honor, which you can exchange, along with gold, for level 80 Exotic gear from the Armor Master and Weapon Master.

Earn Level 80 Gear in PVP

If you enjoy PVP, Structured PVP Reward Tracks will reward you level 80 Exotic gear with selectible stat combinations.

Run Guild Missions for Level 80 Gear

Join a guild which runs regular weekly guild missions. Participating in guild missions earns you Guild Commendations, which you can exchange for exotic trinkets and gear at the vendors in the guild hall.

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