Get a Wintersday Gift Tree and Star of Gratitude

Learn how to get a GW2 wintersday tree node

Wintersday is the only time when you can unlock a Wintersday Gift Tree node for your GW2 home instance and Star of Gratitude. You don’t have to pay any money for these items. To unlock them, complete the For the Children! achievement.

What is the Wintersday Gift Tree node?

The Wintersday Gift Tree node for your home instance gives you a Wintersday Gift once per day all year round. You can keep this gift or sell it on the Trading Post.

What is the Star of Gratitude?

The Star of Gratitude is an “eater.” Double-click the Star of Gratitude to exchange 50 Empyreal Fragments for a gift which drops junk, trinkets, and crafting rewards. You can do this 3-5 times per day.

Part 1: Grawk Munch Achievement

The first part of this quest is to complete the Grawk Munch achievement. This is a treasure hunt which begins when you read Orphan Laine’s Letter which is sent to every player at your first login during Wintersday.

When you complete the Grawk Munch collection, you receive a Holiday Display Case as a reward. Double-click this item to consume it and unlock the For the Children! collection.

Part 2: For the Children! Achievement

Completing this collection involves doing a lot of jumping puzzles. The final reward at the end of the jumping puzzle is a chest, which will probably grant you a Mysterious Grubby Package which will probably contain one of the ornaments you need.

NOTE: There is an element of random chance at work here. You’re not guaranteed to get a Mysterious Grubby Package each time you open a chest. And each Mysterious Grubby Package won’t necessarily have the ornament you need.

To complete the collection, you need to get all six Ornaments.

The Reward

When you finish the For the Children! collection, you are awarded with a title (The Magnanimous) and an Orphan’s Generous Gift. Double-click the Orphan’s Generous Gift to get the Star of Gratitude and the Wintersday Gift Tree node.

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