Get Started GW2 Fishing

How to start fishing in GW2 EOD

Guild Wars 2 introduced Fishing with the End of Dragons expansion pack. Learn how to unlock fishing, and the basic mechanics of GW2 fishing.

Unlock Fishing

Fishing unlocks when you finish “Old Friends,” the first chapter of the End of Dragons story. As soon as you find yourself back in control of your character after being released by Detective Rama, you can start fishing.

Get Fishing Equipment

In order to fish, you need a fishing rod, a lure, and bait.

Fishing Rod

You automatically get a basic fishing rod after you unlock fishing. You can buy fancier fishing rods later, but they aren’t necessary.

Fishing Lure

The starter lure is the Wooden Fishing Lure. If you don’t already have one unlocked, you can buy one from either of the merchants at the fishing village in Eastern Wilds, Seitung Province.

  • Fisherman Benyo sells a Wooden Fishing Lure for 8 Silver or 1,400 Karma after you complete the Renown Heart.
  • The merchant Lin sells a Wooden Fishing Lure for 8 silver.

Fishing Bait

Merchant Lin in the Eastern Wilds fishing village of Seitung Province sells Shrimplings and Sardines you can use as bait. Buy one jar of each, to start.

Double-click the bait to equip it on your fishing rod.

Fishing Panel

To see your gear and fishing power stats, open the Hero panel. Go to the Equipment (top) tab and click Fishing.

GW2 EOD fishing equipment panel

Start Fishing

Go to a nearby body of water. It must be deep enough to count, meaning you can’t fish in any old fountain or puddle.

TIP: Until you unlock the Mastery track ability, you cannot fish in the designated fishing holes. You can only fish in open (unmarked) water.

Click J to start fishing, or click the tiny arrow next to the tiny mastery icon at the lower left-hand corner of your skill bar. It’s right beneath the “swap weapons” button. I cannot over-emphasize how teeny tiny this button is.

GW2 fishing button

This replaces your weapons skills with fishing skills.

Gw2 fishing skills

You’re ready to fish! Continue on to our article on how to catch fish, including where to find them, how to choose your bait, and the best way to reel them in.

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