Bubble Tea Promo

Two clear glass jars filled with bubble tea

UPDATE: This GW2 promotion has ended.

Guild Wars 2 is partnering with Kung Fu Tea for a real-world bubble tea tie-in promotion for the month of September. The promotion begins on September 1st.

“Throughout the month, customers will have the chance to try the Elder Dragon Dreamy Delight (a delicious Guild Wars twist on Kung Fu Tea’s Cocoa Cream Wow) as well as unlock Guild Wars 2 in-game content and claim amazing daily prizes via the Kung Fu Tea app.”

Update: September 1, 8AM Pacific Time

Due to the high volume of Guild Wars 2 players trying to use the app, this promotion has been temporarily suspended. It also seems that the Heroic Edition promo codes are a “limited supply” item, and only a few lucky players receive the codes at random. Stay tuned for more updates.

Free Stuff!

Download the Kung Fu Tea app and link a social media account. Then click the menu in the top left corner and go to Social Rewards to claim a code for the “Heroic Edition” game upgrade which includes:

Bubbles, Eh?

This bubble-themed promotion seems like a pretty big hint as to the next expansion pack. According to game lore, the sixth Elder Dragon is unnamed, but players call it “Bubbles.”

Between this and the many hints about underwater content, people think this is a nod by ArenaNet as to what the next expansion pack will bring.

Photo by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash

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