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Hungry cat Guild Wars 2 home instance

The Hungry Cat Scavenger Hunt lets you add cats to your GW2 home instance. Some cats are easier to get than others. There is a total of 35 cats you can earn. Don’t you want them all? Learn all about these cats, including how to find them, track them, and enjoy their antics.

There are ghost cats, WVW catmander cats who fight with small cat zergs, cats that have snowball fights, cats that leave you a dead bird sometimes (thanks?) and more.

Hungry Cats

As you adventure through Tyria, you might have noticed these cats. As you approach the cat, it will say “Meow.” If you interact with the cat, it will usually say something like “The cat isn’t interested in anything you have.”

That’s because each cat has special requirements. (You know how finicky cats can be!) Each cat will only accept a special item. Some cats will only accept a specific item from a character of a specific race or class.

To get a list of all the hungry cats, where to find them, and what they accept, see this page on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki.

Keeping Track of Cats

The official wiki article on the Hungry Cat Scavenger Hunt has an excellent feature: Paste in your API key to see which cats you have, and which cats you need. Cats you have already gotten will be grayed out.

To get your API key:

  1. Log in at guildwars2.com.
  2. Go to the Applications tab.
  3. Click New Key to create a new key.
  4. Check the boxes to set the allowed access. For tracking Hungry Cats, you will need to check Progression and Unlocks, at a minimum.
  5. Click Create API Key to generate the key.
  6. Copy and paste this key into the field in the wiki page to track your cats.

Player Home Instance

When you unlock a hungry cat, it appears in your player home instance.

If you have done the level 10 personal story, you have been to your home instance. Each race has their own home instance, which is located in the capital city:

  • Human: Salma District, Divinity’s Reach
  • Norn: Hunter’s Hearth, Hoelbrak
  • Charr: Hero’s Canton, Black Citadel
  • Sylvari: Dreamer’s Terrace, The Grove
  • Asura: Applied Development Lab, Rata Sum

Any race of character can enter any home instance. You can also bring a party to your home instance, or join another player’s party to enter their home instance. For more details on the home instance, what it’s useful for, and how to get home instance nodes, see our Player Home Instance article.

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