Make Gold During Lunar New Year

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If you want to make a lot of gold fast in GW2, Lunar New Year is the time to do it. In fact, this is arguably the most lucrative Guild Wars 2 festival, particularly considering how easy it is.

Buy Divine Lucky Envelopes

Buy Divine Lucky Envelopes from the vendors. You can 8 per day from Phaedra in Divinity’s Reach for 1 gold each. You can also buy 3 per day from Sigurlina Jonsdottir in the Guild Hall for 1 Guild Commendation each.

In addition to these, you can buy Divine Lucky Envelopes with Token of the Celestial Champion. You can earn these tokens from achievements, by completing Lunar New Year dailies, and by playing Celestial Challenge.

Sell the Divine Lucky Envelopes on the Trading Post

As of this writing, Divine Lucky Envelopes could be sold instantly for 1 gold 51 silver. After the cost of the transaction, this still nets almost 50 silver per envelope.

Prices will fluctuate slightly throughout the event. Be sure to check the sale price before selling your Divine Lucky Envelopes.

Sell or Keep Divine Lucky Envelopes?

The research is clear: if you want to earn the most gold, sell your Divine Lucky Envelopes.

If there’s a specific item you’re hoping to get from Divine Lucky Envelopes, the best strategy is to sell your Envelopes and use the gold to buy that item on the Trading Post.

If you do decide to open your Divine Lucky Envelopes, be sure to max out your Magic Find first.

Lucky Red Bags

During Lunar New Year you can buy Lucky Red Bags from the vendor in exchange for an Essence of Luck (Exotic).

Note: During Lunar New Year you can also sell Essence of Luck to Drooburt, in exchange for Red Festival Lanterns. These lanterns are only worth 88 Copper on the Trading Post. However, this is an annual achievement worth 25 AP so it’s worth considering.

You can’t sell Lucky Red Bags on the Trading Post. Instead, you have to open them and sell their contents. In addition to this being tedious work, drop rate research shows the contents of each bag are only worth about 7.5 Silver per bag.

Most people are hoping to get a Lucky Great Ox Lantern (worth 5 Gold on the Trading Post) or Ornamental Golden Trophy (worth 8 Gold 88 Silver to a vendor). However, these are very rare items, even with Magic Find over 900%.

If you have extra Luck, you might as well use it this way. Luck isn’t as useful on your account as many people assume.

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