Make Gold Fishing in GW2

Make money fishing in GW2

Learn how to maximize your GW2 fishing profits by choosing which materials to sell, which fish fillets to promote, and which to keep and use yourself.

Chunk of Ancient Ambergris

Recommendation: Sell, unless you’re actively making a legendary weapon.

Acquisition: Ambergris is a rare crafting material which drops from fish of Exotic, Legendary, or Ascended rarity. You can also buy ambergris from fishmongers for 10 Flawless fillets each.

Used In: Each of the Aurene legendary weapons requires 100 Chunks of Ancient Ambergris. If you’re planning to make one, you should keep your ambergris. Otherwise, sell it on the Trading Post. Ambergris is currently selling for over 1 Gold per chunk.

Flawless Fish Fillets

Recommendation: Craft into sushi and keep to use as a fishing buff, or sell on the Trading Post.

Acquisition: Flawless is the highest tier of fish fillet. You can get Flawless fillets from fish of Legendary or Ascended rarity. You can also promote lower-level fish fillets to Flawless at a Fishmonger.

Used In: Craft Flawless fillets into Redfish Sushi (requires Chef 400). Keep these and use them as a buff while you are fishing. If you don’t plan to spend much time fishing, or you have more than you can plausibly use, sell the extra on the Trading Post. They currently sell for about 21 Silver each.

All Other Fish Fillets

Recommendation: Promote up to Flawless at a Fishmonger, then craft into sushi and keep or sell on the Trading Post.

Acquisition: As you fish, you will end up with a LOT of fish fillets. Most of these are barely worth selling on the Trading Post. Hang onto them until you get a full stack, then take them to a Fishmonger and promote them up to the next rarity tier.

Used In: Lower-level sushi recipes no one wants.

Crustacean Meat

Recommendation: Sell at the Trading Post while the price remains high. Currently selling for about 15 Silver per chunk. People must be making a lot of the Ascended feasts?

Acquisition: As you might expect, this drops from crustaceans.

  • King Crab
  • Krytan Crawfish
  • Mantis Shrimp
  • Mega Prawn
  • Snow Crab

Used In: Ascended feast recipes Bowl of Jade Sea Bounty and Plate of Imperial Palace Special both grant significant buffs, including +150 Fishing Power, to all who interact with these feasts.

Each feast requires 25 Crustacean Meat, which means the feasts are very expensive to craft. Seems unlikely these should be in such high demand, but what can I say.

Junk and Trophy Items

Recommendation: Sell to a merchant.

Acquisition: Most of the junk and trophy items are only worth a few Copper, plus the progress towards their collection achievements. However, a few trophy items are worth 1 Gold, which is a nice bonus.

Used in: Achievement collections, namely Oceanic Treasure Collector and Oceanic Trash Collector.

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