Mark Y Golem Ascended Backpiece

Mark Y Golem ascended backpiece

There aren’t many ascended backpieces available in GW2, compared to the other ascended armor items. Learn how to get the Mark Y Golem ascended backpiece so you can max out your stats AND carry a robot friend with you on your adventures through Tyria.

The golem backpiece has several different animations, which you can see in this Tumblr gifset. However, the backpiece does not make any noise.

How to Get the Golem Backpiece

To get the Mark Y Golem ascended backpiece, you have to complete a series of collections. These collections unlock when you start the A Bug in the System chapter of Living World Season 4.

Unlike most ascended items, you don’t have to do any crafting to get the Mark Y Golem, and it won’t cost you any gold.

You will need to spend 105 Difluorite crystals, which you can either get as a random drop, or buy from a vendor for karma.

However, the process of getting all the required collection items can be very time-consuming. Also, some of the collections are time-gated, which means you can only do one step per day.


The best walkthrough for the Mark Y Golem collections can be found on Dulfy’s website. The official Guild Wars 2 wiki also has a good amount of information on the various steps required to get this ascended backpiece.

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