Always Sell on the Trading Post

Gold mason jar on the beach at sunset

Many Guild Wars 2 players often don’t realize that for maximum profit, you should always sell items on the Black Lion Trading Post (the “TP”) whenever possible. This includes gear, salvaged materials, crafted items, dyes, etc.

F2P Note: Free-to-play GW2 accounts can only sell certain categories of items on the Trading Post. For example, you can only sell raw crafting materials like ore, instead of improved crafting materials like ingots. You will have to sell all other materials to a regular vendor.

Vendor prices are fixed, and usually very low. In fact, ArenaNet has rules in place so that the Trading Post price is always higher than the vendor price. That same item can sell for several gold on the Trading Post. Sometimes, the difference is small, but it adds up fast!

For example, Elder Wood Logs have a vendor price of 7 copper. They currently sell on the Trading Post for 1 silver 62 copper each. That’s a huge difference, and it will add up fast.

If you have 100 Elder Wood Logs, you can either sell them to a vendor for 7 silver, or sell them on the Trading Post for 1 gold 62 silver.

Photo by Andrew Bui on Unsplash

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