Shared Inventory Slots

GW2 shared inventory slots

Shared inventory slots are an excellent way to optimize your GW2 inventory management. Shared slots are Gemstore purchases, and therefore cost real money. Is it worth it to buy one? What should you keep in your shared inventory slot? How many should you have?

Shared Inventory Slot Overview

The shared inventory slot is added to all characters on your Guild Wars 2 account, and any characters you create from that point forward. The slot appears at the top of your inventory list. Any item in a shared slot can be accessed by any character on your account.

The shared inventory slot saves you from having to take a trip to the bank or a crafting bench every time you want to swap an item between characters. Therefore, it’s only worth the money if you find yourself doing this a lot, or if you often find yourself wishing you could visit the bank, but your situation prevents it.

NOTE: “Deposit all materials” ignores anything in shared inventory slots.

I take advantage of this to store Quartz Crystal in a shared inventory slot. That way I always have them on hand to create a Charged Quartz Crystal once per day.

Shared Inventory Slot Cost

Each expansion pack (Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, and End of Dragons) includes one free shared inventory slot.

You can buy more from the Gem Store. The current price for shared inventory slots is:

  • 1 slot for 700 Gems
  • 3 slots for 1,890 Gems
  • 5 slots for 2,800 Gems

Each account can have up to 25 shared slots. You can purchase 22 from the Gemstore, and get one from each of the three expansions.

Historically, shared inventory slots go on sale about four times a year.

What to put in a shared inventory slot?

It’s hard to decide what to keep in a shared inventory slot. Some common suggestions are:

  • Salvage items
    • Mystic Salvage Kit
    • Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic
    • Mystic Forge Conduit
  • Transportation items
    • Lily of the Elon Pass
    • Living World Season 3 or 4 teleport tomes
    • Mistlock Sanctuary Pass
    • Home Instance Portal Stone
    • Teleport to a Friend
    • Position rewinder
  • Gathering tools
  • Eaters
    • Mawdrey
    • Composter
    • Star of Gratitude
    • Princess
  • Buffs and consumables
    • Birthday boosters
    • Utility consumable
    • Food consumable

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