Silverwastes Gold Farm

Gold coins on $100 bills

Farming the Silverwastes is an excellent way to earn gold in GW2, particularly for F2P accounts and players who don’t have the expansion packs.

Silverwastes Loot

Here’s what to do with your Silverwastes loot, in order to get the best profit:

Loot Bags: Open these on a low-level “bag opener” character to get the best prices for the materials.

Junk: Sell to a vendor.

Ambrite: Sell on the Trading Post.

Sand: Double-click to consume the piles. Sell the resulting Piles of Silky Sand on the Trading Post.

Greens and Blues (Masterwork and Fine): Salvage with a Basic Salvage Kit or Copper-Fed Salvage-O-Matic.

Selling Threshold

The easiest way to decide what to do with Rare and Exotic items is to choose a selling threshold. There are several factors which go into calculating this threshold. The main one is, which do you need more: money or crafting materials?

When you go to sell your items on the Trading Post, click to sort your bag contents by price, highest to lowest. This view makes it easy to find and sell everything above your selling threshold.

These days I need gold more than crafting materials, so my selling threshold is 10 silver. I sell anything worth more than 10 silver and salvage the rest.

Yellows (Rare): Check the price on the Trading Post. If the price is above your selling threshold, sell it. If the price is below your selling threshold, salvage it with a Master’s Salvage Kit, Mystic Salvage Kit, or Silver-Fed Salvage-O-Matic. If you need ectos,

Oranges (Exotic): Check the price of the item AND the rune/sigil on the Trading Post. If the rune/sigil has a higher price than the item, salvage the item with a Black Lion Salvage Kit and sell the rune/sigil. If the rune/sigil has a lower price than the item, sell the item.

Salvaging exotics is the only way to get Globs of Dark Matter. If you plan to create ascended equipment, we recommend raising your selling threshold accordingly.

Join a Squad

Check LFG for a squad with a description like “SW RIBA,” “SW _%” or “SW FARM.” Join the squad. To switch to their instance of the Silverwastes map, right-click a player’s icon (ideally the commander’s, if you can locate it) in the squad display on the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Choose “Join in the Silverwastes.”

If you get a message that the map is full, keep trying. Most of the time, you will get in after a few minutes of trying.

Get Bandit Keys

You need Bandit Keys to open chests. Use Bandit Crests (the map currency) to buy keys from the vendor at the main camp. Budget for about 50 keys per map run.

If you don’t have enough Bandit Crests, don’t worry. You earn them by doing events on the map, and for finishing the meta.

Do the Meta and Chest Run

This is where RIBA comes in. Basically, run around doing events until it’s time for Breach.

After Breach, it’s time for the final event: Vinewrath. Head west, choose one of the three lanes marked on the map and get ready to defend your lane.

After killing Vinewrath, go to the Tangled Labyrinth to use your Key of Greater Nightmares to open the chest.

At this point, many squads will do a chest run. Follow the squad commander, who will be opening chests with Silverwastes Shovels. Equip any speed boosts you have available, because the squad moves fast! In addition to gear bags, chest runs are a great way to earn Bandit Crests and Obsidian Shards.

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

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