Siren’s Landing Overview

Siren's Landing Guild Wars 2

If you haven’t spent much time in Siren’s Landing, you’re in good company. This GW2 map was released with Living World Season 3 in 2017. You unlock this map as part of a story mission. It seems that most players (myself included) never go back after that point.

Mounts and gliding aren’t required for Siren’s Landing, but we highly recommend them. At the very least, you will need a Springer. Ideally, have a Griffin or Skyscale.

Finding Siren’s Landing

Siren’s Landing is part of Orr. It’s located south of Straits of Devastation. However, it’s not directly connected to any other map.

Three ways to get to Siren’s Landing:

  • Do the Living World Season 3 story mission “On Orrian Shores.”
  • Use a Teleport to a Friend.
  • Use a Siren’s Landing Portal Scroll. You have to go to Siren’s Landing to buy one of these. They cost 1,000 Unbound Magic + 50 Silver. After you buy it, put it in a shared inventory slot or store it in your bank to use it on other characters.

Siren’s Landing shares audio cues and music with the other Orr maps. The landscape is also distinctly Orrian.

Getting Around Siren’s Landing

This map has only one waypoint. However, you can unlock shrines around the map. These act like waypoints, and are unlocked account-wide.

To unlock a shrine, you have to buy an Attunement Token from the shrine’s vendor. The vendor unlocks when you complete the shrine’s meta event.

What’s In Siren’s Landing?

The main attractions in Siren’s Landing are Unbound Magic and Orrian Pearls.

Unbound Magic in Siren’s Landing

You can collect Unbound Magic all around the map. You can also buy Unbound Magic Harvesting Tools from two of the Renown Heart NPCs:

  • King Zoran in Dwayna’s Reliquary
  • Queen Bahar in Lyssa’s Reliquary

Each tool costs 4,900 Karma. . These tools give you Unbound Magic each time you use them. You have to complete the Renown Heart in order to unlock the NPC’s vendor tab. These hearts are repeatable daily.

Note: While you’re there, buy the bundle of Orrian Pearls. You can buy one of these per heart vendor, per day, per character.

Orrian Pearls in Siren’s Landing

You can harvest Orrian Pearls from the Orrian Oyster nodes around the map. They also drop from events, Map Bonus Rewards, and chests on the map.

Once per day per character, you can buy a bundle of 3 Orrian Pearls from each Renown Heart vendor. These repeatable hearts can be done daily. The bundle costs 2,688 Karma.

If you really want to go all in, you can buy an Orrian Oyster Node for your home instance. It costs 10,000 Unbound Magic + 50 Gold. You can buy it from the Unbound Magic merchant near the waypoint.

In addition to giving you Orrian Pearls every day, the node is a small aquarium with an oyster inside, which is very cute.

What to Do in Siren’s Landing

Siren’s Landing is key to obtaining Aurora. This is the legendary which gives the visual effect of orbs floating around your character’s head.

Siren’s Landing also has a collection of backpieces. They may or may not be to your aesthetic liking, but collecting all of them completes an achievement worth 15 AP. This collection costs 1.5 million Karma plus 200 Orrian Pearls to complete.

Siren’s Landing Meta Events

There are always meta events happening in Siren’s Landing. However, it’s hard to find other players to do them with you. Most of the meta events are difficult if not impossible to complete alone.

Siren’s Landing Jumping Puzzle

Siren’s Landing is also home to a jumping puzzle called Abbadon’s Ascent which is notoriously difficult.

In order to complete the jumping puzzle and get the achievement, you have to hit several checkpoints. You can be teleported to the final chest, but in order to complete the achievement and earn the Mastery point, you still have to go through the checkpoints.

If another player ports you through the Siren’s Landing jumping puzzle, we recommend tipping them at least 1 Gold.

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