Tyria Pride Parade

Rainbow pride flag

Every year, GW2 players hold a Pride march through Tyria to show support for LGBTQ+ players and allies, and to raise money for charity. The march takes place over two days in June. NA and EU travel the same routes on the same day.

Allies and proponents of equality for all are welcome to attend, well as members of LGBTQIA+ communities.

Where Does The GW2 Pride March Start

Typically the first day of Pride March starts in Ebonhawke. If your character doesn’t have Ebonhawke unlocked, go to Divinity’s Reach. You can find a portal to Ebonhawke in Rurikton. Commanders will be on hand in Divinity’s Reach to show players the way.

The second day of Pride March usually starts in Lion’s Arch.

Join a Squad For the Pride March

In order to stay on the same map as your fellow marchers, we recommend you find a commander tag and join a squad. After you change maps, right-click on the commander’s icon in the squad UI (top left corner). Choose “Join in [map name]” to join the commander’s map instance.

In theory, it would be great to stay with the same squad for the entire march. In practice, this often doesn’t happen. If you lose your squad, simply join another in LFG. If you wait long enough, you may end up in an overflow instance with enough other players to start your own march.

What to Bring to the Guild Wars 2 Pride March

Feel free to come as you are! Many players dress up their characters in brilliant colors, and bring party boxes, kites, transformations, etc.

Support LGBTQ Organizations

The Guild Wars 2 Pride Parade is also a platform for LGBTQ+ fundraising. In 2020, teams will raise money for Rainbow Railroad

Are Allies Welcome?

YES! Please join us to show your support. Your presence is appreciated.

Photo by Sara Rampazzo on Unsplash

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