Warrior Guide

A Guild Wars 2 Charr Warrior

You might think Warrior should be the sturdiest and most powerful class in Guild Wars 2, but you would be wrong. Despite every outward indication, the GW2 Warrior feels sluggish and underpowered. Many players struggle to find a way to make Warrior a workable class.

Best Warrior Builds

Currently the best Warrior build involves leveraging the Warrior’s condition damage (“condi”) potential, particularly with regards to Burning. We recommend Snow Crows builds, as these are carefully-tested and kept up to date with the current meta.

Perhaps the most significant down side to the Warrior is that this class has no speed skill or boost. Unlike every other class, the Warrior is stuck at the (very slow) base speed. The introduction of mounts offers a partial solution, but only for players who have the Path of Fire expansion pack.

On the up side, Warrior is one of the least complicated classes to play and master. This makes it a good choice for players who are new to MMOs, and who want a class that is as simple as possible. (Even so, we recommend Guardian over Warrior.)

Warrior Adrenaline Mechanic

The Adrenaline mechanic is unique to the Warrior class. You build up Adrenaline with attacks, and can then unleash it in a big burst attack.

Warrior Banners

In theory, banners are the Warrior’s best contribution to a group fight. In practice, other classes provide better buffs to other players. Unlike buffs from other classes, the banner’s area of effect is tied to the physical banner. This means that if your group is on the move, the banner has to be picked up and carried with you.

Warrior Elite Specializations

Berserker: This specialization is fairly strong, particularly when used to leverage Burning condi damage.

Spellbreaker: Not particularly useful.

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