World Boss Train

Shatterer a dragon world boss in Guild Wars 2

The World Boss Train in core Tyria is still a popular and viable activity for players. The GW2 Boss Train is particularly useful for new players who want to level up their characters, free-to-play accounts, and players who don’t have the Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire expansion packs.

What Is the World Boss Train?

Most of the core Tyria maps have a scheduled meta event centered on a boss fight. Players follow the schedule, moving from one world boss to the next. The boss train is not an organized event, although sometimes (particularly on weekend nights) squads may form to taxi players from one map to the next.

How Do You Start World Boss Train?

First, check the official boss timer on the Guild Wars 2 wiki. The boss timer shows the next five upcoming world bosses. Head to the next boss’s location and join the other players who are there waiting.

What Should I Do While I Wait for the Boss to Start?

For most world bosses, you should arrive 15-30 minutes before the boss fight is scheduled to start. This ensures that you have enough players to complete the boss fight.

Then the question is, what now?

TIP: Set a timer on your phone to make sure you aren’t accidentally AFK during the event. You will need to hit the boss at least once or twice in order to get credit.

Some suggestions while you wait:

  • Do the pre-events! Usually called “pres” on map chat, these are nearby events which must be completed before the main event will launch. It can be difficult to find these events, but check the wiki for the boss fight, and look on the map for tags.
  • Work on map completion. Run around unlocking waypoints, doing hearts, and discovering Points of Interest (POIs).
  • Harvest ore and wood nodes. Take a lap around the map and harvest anything you can find.
  • Kick back! Chat with other players, eat a snack, watch something on Netflix. Just make sure you’re back in time for the event to start.

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