3 Best Builds for Farming Mobs

An Icebrood Claymore Guild Wars 2 enemy

Group events like the Lake Doric Leather Farm, Cursed Shore events, and the Halloween Labyrinth reward players who can “tag” as many enemies in the mob as possible.

Do you feel like you are struggling to get in a hit during these events? Some Guild Wars 2 builds and classes are better for this than others. Learn the best mob farming builds, so you can rake in the loot from the next swarm of enemies.

Mirage Greatsword Farmer

The Mirage Greatsword Farmer build is, or should be, your go-to for farming mobs. I have been using this build extensively, and I can attest to its efficiency and ease of use.

Dodge as often as possible to create clones, greatsword everything, and enjoy the loot! The use of Superior Sigil of Stamina on the greatsword is particularly brilliant.

The only down side is that, as you might expect, this build is not great at one-on-one combat. Be prepared to swap to sword/sword if you get backed into a corner.

Engineer Turret/Flamethrower

For many players, the turret engineer with flamethrower is the default farming build. Events like the Palawadan meta often seem like they are populated with more turrets than players.

Having tried this build, it’s not my favorite. Turrets don’t provide enough mobility, and have a frustratingly long cooldown. For a very mobile farm like Labyrinth, I felt like my turrets were constantly being left behind while the zerg kept running to the next clump of enemies.

Necro Staff Minion Master

For this variant on the standard Power Minion Master build, equip a staff as your main weapon. Raise up a flock of minions, then drop wells everywhere. Presto: mobs tagged!

RIP Lootstick Guardian

In the past, the “lootstick Guardian” was widely considered the best build for this purpose. This build has you use a staff on a Guardian. However, in 2017 ArenaNet nerfed the staff (a.k.a. “lootstick”) so that it has a much shorter range, and tags fewer enemies.

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