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Scribe should be the last crafting discipline you choose in GW2, if at all.

  • Scribe can only craft guild decorations and guild consumables (like Hero Banners).
  • Scribe is by far the most expensive crafting discipline to level.
  • You need the Heart of Thorns expansion pack to unlock Scribe.
  • Most of the items you craft cannot be sold, thus Scribe operates as a loss.

In order to level up Scribe, you need to belong to a guild which has upgrades unlocked. Your best bet is to join a large guild like the ViP or TTS guild alliances.

How Scribe Crafting Works

Scribe is different from other crafting disciplines in several ways. For one thing, you can only craft from the scribing stations in a guild hall. The capital cities of Tyria do not have scribe crafting stations.

Another scribe quirk is that you do not craft the actual items. Instead, after your guild unlocks the ability to make an item, you craft a schematic.

After you craft the schematic, you send it to a queue to be assembled in the guild’s Aetheric Assembly Device. Each guild has two assembly queues, one for PVE and one for WVW.

Most items you craft will go into the guild storage, not your personal storage. You can find these items on the Guild Panel in the Storage tab. Any guild member can access these items.

How to Level Scribe

Due to the cost of leveling Scribe, we recommend you use an online guide. This will ensure you spend the least amount of money possible.

Recommended guides:

Bonus Crafting XP

To maximize your progress, use a Crafting Booster

If you belong to a guild with a developed Guild Hall, be sure to get the Guild Crafting boost from the Tavern Proprietor. (Note: Only available to players who have the Heart of Thorns expansion.)

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