3 Best Short GW2 Meta Events

Tequatl the Sunless, a Guild Wars 2 world boss undead dragon

Time can be a precious commodity. Sometimes you may not have an entire 60 to 90 minutes for a full Dragon’s Stand meta. Maximize the amount of loot you get for your playing time with our list of the top three best short meta events in GW2.

Tequatl the Sunless

Teq is one of the oldest World Boss battles in the game, and arguably has the best ROI (return on investment) for your time.

This meta takes 10-15 minutes to finish, and earns you a guaranteed 1-2 gold, 13,000 Karma, and 3-4 Rare items. It also has a chance to drop an Ascended weapons chest, Fang of Tequatl (worth 50-90 silver) and the Soldier’s Benthic Rebreathers (worth 3-5 gold).

The best time to do Teq is at reset. Show up on the map 15-30 minutes ahead of time to make sure you get a populated map.

NOTE: One of the best unofficial meta trains in GW2 is the post-reset chain of Tequatl > Chak Gerent > Auric Basin.

The Tequatl fight also has a collection of achievements which awards “The Sunbringer” title. Check out our Tequatl achievements guide for tips on how to complete this set of achievements.

The Silverwastes

First released with Living World Season 2, The Silverwastes meta remains one of the most lucrative and consistently populated metas in the game.

A full meta run (including doing Bandit Chests after the final boss fight) takes about 30-60 minutes from the time the meta resets. Because the meta keeps running asynchronously and doesn’t use a Participation system, you can hop on the map at any time and join in without worrying about your progress.

Part of its popularity is because The Silverwastes is a Core Tyria map. This means it’s available to players who don’t have the Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire expansion packs.

Several guilds specialize in doing daily Silverwastes runs, and it’s not unusual to find a Commander who will lead the meta for hours at a time. Don’t be concerned if your map doesn’t have a lot of organizing chatter. Like Tequatl, most players know the Silverwastes meta so well, there’s no need to communicate in map chat.

For more on this meta, see our articles on The Silverwastes.

Legendary Chak Gerent

Officially called the “King of the Jungle” meta event, this meta takes place in Tangled Depths. The best time to do this meta is the first one post-reset. Several guilds specialize in doing this meta at this time, so check LFG to find a squad on an organized map.

Ogre Lane is usually considered the easiest lane, which is why it’s usually packed full of players. However, the other lanes aren’t that hard – IF they have enough players.

Watch map chat while players are setting up for the event. This event requires players to beat a boss on each of the four lanes. If one of the lanes fails, the entire meta event fails. If a lane asks for more players, go there to help.

On an organized map, this meta takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. And that includes 5 minutes of standing around waiting for the meta to start, plus 6 minutes at the end waiting for the wall to break so you can get to the final set of reward chests.

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