Change Stats on an Ascended Item

Change stats on an ascended item GW2

Learn how to change the stat set on an ascended item in GW2. The following method works for ascended armor and weapons.

NOTE: You cannot use this process to change the stats on ascended trinkets or back pieces. You can change the stats on a Breathing Apparatus, although some stats are not available for these items.

Why Change Ascended Stats?

You might start out wanting Berserker’s stats on your ascended equipment for a power build. But then the meta changes, or you want to try a different play style, and you decide to change to a condi build. It’s a lot easier to change the stats on your existing ascended equipment, versus crafting a whole new set.

The only functional difference between ascended and legendary items is you can change a legendary item’s stats on your Hero panel. You can change stats on an ascended item, but it takes a few more steps.

(The other difference between ascended and legendary items is strictly cosmetic. Aside from having a prettier visual appearance and sound effects, a legendary item has the same power level as an ascended item.)

Warning: Infusions and Upgrades Destroyed

In the process of changing the stats on an ascended item, the original item is destroyed. This means you lose any infusions or upgrades (runes/sigils) on that item.

You can use an Upgrade Extractor to remove infusions and upgrades before changing stats. You can buy an Upgrade Extractor from the Gem Store, trade one for 3 Black Lion Statuettes, or get it as a drop from Black Lion Chests.

If you only want to keep the infusions, use an Infusion Extraction Device. These costs 24 silver at a vendor in Mistlock Observatory.

Warning: Legendary Precursors Ruined

DO NOT attempt to switch stats on an ascended precursor weapon or armor. You will end up with the basic ascended version of the item. You will NOT be able to use it to create the legendary.

Switching Stats

NOTE: To switch stats on an ascended item, you will need to buy an Anthology of Heroes. Miyani and the Mystic Forge Attendants sell this item for 10 Spirit Shards. (Finally, a use for Spirit Shards!)

Put the following into the Mystic Forge:

Ascended Weapon

Ascended Armor

  • The original ascended armor piece
  • A Master Insignia with the new stat set you want
  • 5 Globs of Ectoplasm
  • 1 Anthology of Heroes

This returns the ascended item with the new stat set. Enjoy!

Photo by Maranda Vandergriff on Unsplash

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