More details on new Jormag meta

new Drizzlewood Coast meta battle

The GW2 developer team has released more information on the new Drizzlewood Coast meta. It seems this will be a two-part meta with an instanced second part fighting a dragon, reminiscent of the Dragon’s Stand meta.

The first part of the meta is heavily influenced by the WVW experience. In this part, you push forward to siege and capture the Frost Legion’s new citadel. After you capture the citadel, the siege ends when a (not the) Claw of Jormag lands outside.

The final fight against a Claw of Jormag sounds like a stepped-up version of the existing Claw world boss battle, but much more difficult.

Will we finally meet Jormag himself? Will we continue to have to “watch the ledges”? Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

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