Diary of a Reluctant Revenant: Levels 50-60

Guild Wars 2 Revenant

I was in a bit of a rush to get through this portion of the leveling journey, because you get a Black Lion Chest Key for finishing the level 60 story, and I love me some keys!

On a whim, I went to Lion’s Arch and bought a bunch of Spirit Banners. I have almost 6,000 Spirit Shards, so why not? You can’t really use Spirit Shards for anything else. They don’t boost XP gain, but they give +10% to karma, magic find, and gold from kills for 30 minutes.

Guild Wars 2 Revenant

My problem with banners is, I never know where to put them. It’s weird to tie yourself into knots second-guessing where to put a semi-disposable imaginary item in a video game, but that’s what life with anxiety is like. I decided to drop them at the first waypoint in the Norn starter area each time I start playing.

Magister Sieran: The Underrated Mentor

I picked the Priory for my baby Revenant. This is my favorite faction because of your mentor, Magister Sieran. Tybalt of the Order of Whispers faction is the fan favorite, but I like Sieran best. She’s young, spirited, sassy, clever, and she has a lot of heart.

Baby’s First Revenant Build

Now that I’m more than halfway to the level cap, it seemed like a good time to actually look at builds. Instead of what I had been doing up to this point, which was basically clicking to add traits at random.

Guild Wars 2 Revenant

The Basic Revenant build at metabattle.com seems to suit my play style well. Call me pumpkin spice because I am, first and foremost, basic AF.

I felt validated by this build, because it has you use the weapons (Hammer and Sword/Sword) and stances (Dwarf and Assassin) which I had started gravitating towards anyway. However, one thing was clear: I needed more Hero Points.

I’ve been lax about getting Hero Points as I level, and now I regret it. I could just buy them from the WvW vendor, but instead I decided to go back over maps I’ve already been through, collecting Hero Points so I can fill out my build.

Instead of Ugg boots, a Basic Revenant wears Marauder armor. However, Marauder armor comes in only two forms: Craftable Exotic (Draconic/Emblazoned/Exalted) and Ascended (Svaard’s). Both forms have a level 80 requirement.

So until I get to level 80, I settled on Zealot’s armor as a close approximation.

Guild Wars 2 Revenant

I finished out this tier by doing map completion on Dredgehaunt Cliffs. Every time I kick back and work on map completion, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. It’s so relaxing, and isn’t that why we play video games? To relax? (Sometimes I wonder…)

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