Purple skyscale being ridden by a Guild Wars 2 player

The Skyscale is a GW2 flying dragon mount with the ability to hover and fly vertically. The hover ability is often used by players who want to AFK in a dangerous area, as the Skyscale’s hover keeps you out of reach of all enemies, and can be maintained indefinitely.

How Do I Unlock the Skyscale?

After you finish the War Eternal episode of Living World season 4, return to Lion’s Arch. The first time you load in to Lion’s Arch after finishing War Eternal, you will get a letter from Gorrik. Follow his instructions to meet him at Dragonfall, and talk to him to unlock the collection.

How Much Does Skyscale Cost?

Short answer: A LOT.

  • 41-120 gold, depending on whether you craft or buy treats.
  • 5,390 Karma
  • 1700 Volatile Magic
  • 520 Trade Contracts
  • 260 Mistborn Motes
  • 12 Skyscale food – requires 1 Charged Quartz Crystal each
  • 1 Grow Lamp – requires 10 Charged Quartz Crystal
  • 250 Kralkatite Ore
  • 250 Difluorite Crystal
  • 250 Inscribed Shards
  • 250 Lumps of Mistonium
  • 250 Branded Masses

How Much Time to Get Skyscale?

In addition to the gold cost, there are several time-gated elements in the collections. (A time-gated element is something that you can only do once a day, or once every few hours.)

The minimum amount of time to get Skyscale is 3 1/3rd days. More likely, it will take you at least a week. Most players take 1-4 weeks to get Skyscale, depending on how much time they have to play Guild Wars 2.

Skyscale Masteries

  • Level 1: Air Rescue Mount the Skyscale in midair. Cost: 3 Mastery points.
  • Level 2: Rift Repair Use Skyscale to close rifts and reveal new flight paths. Cost: 4 Mastery points.
  • Level 3: Wall Launch Launch off walls to climb higher. Cost: 5 Mastery points.

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