Diary of a Reluctant Revenant: Levels 60-75

Guild Wars 2 Revenant in Lion's Arch

I’m going to roll 15 levels into this update, because I kinda lost track of where I was.

Welcome to the Grind

I spent some time crafting to level up fast. Jeweler is one of my go-to crafts for this purpose, because I usually have all the materials I need, and it’s the crafting discipline that’s most profitable to resell the stuff you craft.

Well, “most profitable” may not be the right term. Let’s say Jeweler is the crafting discipline where you “lose the least amount of money.” And that’s only if you don’t have to buy any materials.

Crafting to level up your character can be boring. But if you’re in the mood for some mindless work while you listen to podcasts or watch Netflix, it’s perfect.

Revenant Gameplay

I’m still struggling with basic Revenant stuff, like managing my Energy, and remembering to click F2. (I never remember to click F2.)

I’m constantly surprised when I run out of Energy. You would think that by now I would have a good feel for which skills cost Energy, which require Energy as upkeep, and which skills have the best Energy cooldown. I do not.

Luckily, there’s always Vengeful Hammers. My main strategy with any fight is to activate Vengeful Hammers, then try to stay just the right distance from enemies.

(Vengeful Hammers has an upkeep cost of -6, by the way, which is probably why I’m always out of Energy. But who cares! It’s Vengeful Hammers!)

Revenant Build

Now that we’re heading towards level 80 and the endgame, I’m paying more attention to my build.

By which I mean, I tried some random build someone recommended on Reddit, and it did not go well for me. I quickly went back to Basic Revenant.

In addition to providing good damage, the Basic Revenant build is designed to let you siphon health from enemies. I am not very good at playing Revenant, so this is a big help.

Note: One reason people recommend Revenant is because it’s a flexible class. However, this means that Revenant builds can be bewildering. Most of them are very specialized, and designed to highlight one specific aspect of Revenant-ness which may or may not be useful to you, the average player.

Revenant Gear

I’m being hampered by one of the silly-but-fun rules I set for myself when I level up a new character. I only let myself use gear that I get as drops from the game. This provides an extra bit of challenge, and is also entertainingly bad.

Here’s what I’m currently using:


  • Carrion Scallywag Helm of Vampirism (level 72, Exotic)
  • Cleric’s Banded Pauldrons of Rata Sum (level 71, Rare)
  • Berserker’s Banded Coat of the Eagle (level 74, Rare)
  • Carrion Scallywag Gauntlets of the Citadel (level 72, Exotic)
  • Carrion Scallywag Legs of the Pack (level 72, Exotic)
  • Dire Scallywag Greaves (level 75, Exotic)


  • Rampager’s Iron Sword of Chilling (level 72, Masterwork)
  • Carrion Verdant Axe of Corruption (level 67, Rare)
  • Cleric’s Iron Hammer of Peril (level 62, Rare)


  • Backpiece: Hunter’s Practical Jeweler’s Backpack (level 30, Rare)
  • Accessory: Priory Field Guide to Dredge (level 46, Masterwork)
  • Accessory: Priory Wilderness Survival Guide (level 48, Masterwork)
  • Amulet: Berserker’s Amulet (level 62, Masterwork)
  • Ring: Berserker’s Ring (level 74, Masterwork)
  • Ring: Powerful Ring (level 47, Rare)

Dye: Bloodstone Violet

As you can see, the Scallywag armor set is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for me right now. These Exotic armor pieces are a loot drop for levels 62-79.

Most of the Scallywag skins look fine, but what the holy heck is going on with that headpiece?

I’m wearing a shovel with a big hoop earring glued to one side.

I’ve been keeping the shoulders and headpiece hidden. Even I have my limits.

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