Poultry Protector: Secret Chicken Achievement

Save the chicken achievement Guild Wars 2

The GW2 Dragon Response Missions (DRMs) contain a secret chicken-based achievement called Poultry Protector. Learn how to unlock this achievement, and the best strategy for completing it quickly.

Poultry Protector Overview

For this achievement you need to rescue one chicken in each of five (at the moment) DRMs. Each person in your party who wants the achievement will need to rescue their own chicken.

To rescue a chicken:

  • Locate the chicken.
  • Interact with the chicken to pick it up.
  • Carry the chicken back to the safe zone. In most DRMs this is the drop zone where you load in. It’s an area bounded by a blue line.

You do not have to continue with the DRM. If you’re only out for the chicken achievement, after you rescue the chicken, you’re free to leave.

Chicken Achievement Notes

  • At this time, you cannot fully complete this achievement. In order to complete this achievement, you need to rescue seven chickens. At this time (February 2021) only five chickens are available to be rescued. The other two will be included in the upcoming DRMs for Caledon Forest and Bloodtide Coast.
  • The Poultry Protector achievement only appears on your Achievement Panel after you rescue your first chicken.
  • You can only rescue the chicken during the first timed pre-event in each DRM.
  • If you drop your chicken or are killed, you will need to go back and get a new chicken.
  • Multiple chickens will spawn during the pre-event. If you can’t find one in the designated spot, leave and return. Or check another spot. Keep looking – the chicken will respawn eventually.
Citizen chicken Dragon Response Mission Guild Wars 2

Dragon Response Missions (DRMs)

ArenaNet introduced DRMs with the Icebrood Saga. To join a DRM, travel to the Eye of the North and approach the portal near the waypoint.

You will be given a series of prompts. To do the chicken achievement, click:

  1. I’d like to join a Dragon Response Mission
  2. I want to fight Primordus’s champions (for the Metrica Province, Gendarran Fields, and Fields of Ruin chickens) or I want to fight Jormag’s champions (for the Lake Doric and Snowden Drifts chickens)
  3. Click to select a Private mission

After you rescue your chicken, you are free to leave if you don’t want to stay and complete the DRM. Enter the purple swirly portal to exit the DRM.

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