Dragon Bash Overview

Concept art from the Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash banner

The GW2 summer festival Dragon Bash has returned to the Shiverpeaks after a six-year absence from the game. Just hopped into Hoelbrak and not sure where to start? Check out our guide to the events and rewards.


Wondering what rewards you can earn during Dragon Bash? Here are the items which are getting a lot of buzz among players.


Jorbreakers are worth 8-14 gold on the Trading Post. You can get Jorbreakers as an Uncommon drop from Dragon Coffers, or exchange 1,000 Zhaitaffy for one Jorbreaker with the festival merchants. Expect Jorbreaker values to drop as the festival continues.

What are Jorbreakers Good For?

Visit the Dragon Bash Merchant in Hoelbrak to exchange Jorbreakers for special map currencies. This merchant is only available during Dragon Bash. If you’re farming currencies (like Inscribed Shards or Difluorite Crystals for Skyscale), this is a great way to do it.

This merchant also sells a variety of skins and minis. The merchant’s selection changes every week.

Dragon Coffers

The main drops from bosses and events are Dragon Coffers. Coffers are selling for about 30 silver on the Trading Post. As with Trick-Or-Treat Bags and Wintersday Gifts, the smart move is to sell the coffers and use the money to buy the thing you want.

The hot items from Dragon Coffers are Jorbreakers, the exclusive minis, and the three Rare drops: Tequatl’s Hoard, Gift of Aurene, and Crystal Infusion of Power. Here’s a full list of the possible drops.

Holographic Weapon Skins

Every 5 times you complete the Dragon Bash dailies, you get a chest from which you can select a new holographic weapon skin. These skins are holographic versions of precursor weapons like Zap, Dawn, Lover, etc.

Holographic Dragon Wings and Helm

Complete enough achievements and you can earn the Commander’s Victorious Holographic Wings and the Holographic Dragon Helm.

Dragon Bash Guild Hall Decorations

There are six Dragon Bash guild hall decorations: Dragon’s Breath and Dragon’s Tooth lanterns; Blue, Purple, and Red dragon targets; and an EXTREMELY AWESOME Dragon Hologram Generator.

Buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers

You can buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers during Dragon Bash from the Dragon Bash vendor in Hoelbrak. Click here to learn more about Tyrian Exchange Vouchers.

Dragon Bash Events and Activities

All events except for Holographic Stampede take place in Hoelbrak. Holographic Stampede takes place in four of the Shiverpeaks maps.

Dragon Piñatas

Dragon piñatas can be found throughout Hoelbrak. There are achievements for smashing the piñatas. Also, each time you smash one, you get six Zhaitaffy.

There is also a separate piñata-related Adventure in Hoelbrak. For this, you have to smash as many piñatas as possible within the specified time. You can only smash the piñatas with the special skills on your skill bar.

NOTE: The piñatas for the adventure are NOT the same as the regular piñatas (which you will still be able to see). For the Adventure, you need to smash the piñatas which are marked with yellow flags on your map.

Dragon Bash Fireworks

Fireworks launchers are also scattered throughout Hoelbrak. There are achivements for setting them off.

Bet on Moa Racing

You can bet Zhaitaffy on the moa races. Moa racing happens about every five minutes. Talk to Tigg, the NPC at Legends Waypoint.

You can ONLY bet with candy which is actually in your personal inventory. You can’t place bets using the candy that’s in your material storage.

NOTE: If you really want to win the moa race for an achievement, place a bet on each of the moas in the race. Guaranteed win!

Mount Race and Time Trials

The Mount Race and the Time Trials take place on the same track. However, the Time Trial is only one lap around Hoelbrak, while the Mount Race is three laps. The Mount Race and Time Trial count as the same for many achievements (including the daily).

Tip of the hat to whoever was responsible for the mount race’s new flag system. As someone who constantly goes off-course in these events, I appreciate the high visibility of the bubbles, and their frequency.

Dragon Bash Arena

You will find the Dragon Arena on the far left-hand side of the Hoelbrak map. When you enter the arena, you will enter an instance. You may be dropped in at any point in the cycle.

Dragon Arena has two phases:

Phase 1: Trash Mobs (Minions)

The best approach is to stack with the other players and use pulls to scoop up the enemies and drag them towards you. Killing these mobs grants you stacks of Inspiration which is helpful in phase 2.

Phase 2: Boss Fight

There are five holographic bosses in the arena. Although they each have special attacks, don’t worry about strategy. Just dodge the AOEs and keep hitting.

The bosses are Ice Beast, Megadestroyer, Hydra, Vinetooth, and Eye of Zhaitan. Defeat all of them for an achievement.

Dragon Bash Hologram Stampede

This event takes place every 15 minutes on the quarter hour, in the following maps:

  • :00 – Wayfarer Foothills
  • :15 – Dredgehaunt Cliffs
  • :30 – Lornar’s Pass
  • :45 – Snowden Drifts

When the event starts, a map-wide message will notify all players. Red dragon icons will pop up all over the map, showing the location of the hologram devices. Go there, interact with the device to start the event, and kill all the minions.

There will be three of these map-wide waves. Each wave only succeeds if you clear enough devices.

  • Stage 1: 5
  • Stage 2: 15
  • Stage 3: 30

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