Tyrian Exchange Voucher Explained

Tyrian Currency Exchange Vouchers Guild Wars 2

If you need a map currency or dungeon currency, many GW2 players are not aware that you can buy them during festivals from special merchants. Learn more about where and how to buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers, and why these conversions are useful.

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In particular, note that you can use Tyrian Exchange Vouchers to buy:

  • Unbound Magic
  • Volatile Magic
  • Trade Contracts
  • Elegy Mosaics
  • Fractal Relics

This is a great “out” for those who need Fractal Relics but don’t want to run fractals, people collecting Unbound and Volatile magic for various reasons, and those who need Trade Contracts and Elegy Mosaics for unlocking the Griffon mount.

Where and When to Buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers

Tyrian Exchange Vouchers are sold during festivals, for festival currency. They serve as a “currency sink,” which lets you exchange extra festival currency for something that you may find more useful.

  • Halloween
    • Candy Corn Vendor
    • 10 Candy Corn Cobs per voucher
  • Dragon Bash
    • Dragon Bash Merchant
    • 10 Jorbreakers per voucher
  • Festival of the Four Winds
  • Lunar New Year
    • New Year Vendor
    • 10 Exotic Essence of Luck per voucher
  • Super Adventure Box
    • Super Adventure Box Weekly Trader
    • 16 Bauble Bubbles per voucher
  • Wintersday
    • Wintersday Trader
    • 10 Snow Diamonds per voucher

What Can You Buy With Tyrian Exchange Vouchers?

During festivals, you can buy a Tyrian Exchange Voucher from a special festival vendor. You can then redeem the voucher for your choice of:

Heart of Thorns Map Currency

  •  Dry Top: 300 Geodes
  •  The Silverwastes: 300 Bandit Crests
  •  Verdant Brink: 500 Airship Parts
  •  Auric Basin: 500 Lumps of Aurillium
  •  Tangled Depths: 500 Ley Line Crystals

Living World Season 3 Map Currency

  • 1000 Unbound Magic
    • Bitterfrost Frontier
    • Bloodstone Fen
    • Draconis Mons
    • Ember Bay
    • Lake Doric
    • Siren’s Landing

Living World Season 4 Map Currency

  • 250 Trade Contracts
  • 30 Elegy Mosaics
  • 1000 Volatile Magic

These currencies are from:

  • Domain of Istan
  • Domain of Kourna
  • Dragonfall
  • Jahai Bluffs
  • Sandswept Isles

Path of Fire Currency

  • 250 Trade Contracts
  • 30 Elegy Mosaics

These currencies are from:

  • Crystal Oasis
  • Desert Highlands
  • Domain of Vabbi
  • Elon Riverlands
  • The Desolation

Icebrood Saga Currency

  • 1000 Volatile Magic
    • Grothmar Valley
    • Bjora Marches

Dungeon Currency

  •   Ascalonian Catacombs: 300 Ascalonian Tears
  •   Caudecus’s Manor: 300 Seals of Beetletun
  •   Twilight Arbor: 300 Deadly Blooms
  •   Sorrow’s Embrace: 300 Manifestos of the Moletariate
  •   Citadel of Flame: 300 Flame Legion Charr Carvings
  •   Honor of the Waves: 300 Symbols of Koda
  •   Crucible of Eternity: 300 Knowledge Crystals
  •   Ruined City of Arah: 300 Shards of Zhaitan

Fractal Currency

  •  100 Fractal Relics

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