Drizzlewood Coast Meta

Drizzlewood Coast meta guide GW2

The GW2 Drizzlewood Coast map-wide meta is similar to WVW. You could consider it a sort of “WVW Lite.” As is often the case in WVW, your best chance for success in Drizzlewood Coast is to follow a tag on the map, click 1 a lot, and try not to get killed.

Drizzlewood Coast Meta Overview

The ultimate goal of the meta is to fight your way north through the map, claiming camps along the way. The meta ends at Wolf’s Crossing Bridge, where you have to defeat the three final meta bosses.

Most of the mechanics of the fight are straightforward. To capture a base, you complete an escort mission, then cement your position by clearing mobs in the base’s area.

The final bosses (Vishen and Nicabar’s Copter) have to be defeated within 1 minute of each other. Otherwise, the first boss respawns, and you have to start over.

Portals at the Final Boss Fight

When you’re at the final boss fight near Wolf’s Crossing Bridge, you may notice (in all the chaos) mesmer portals on the ground. At the same time, you may also notice that you’re getting the tell-tale laser beam indicator that you are being targeted by a sniper up on the cliffs.

Vishen teleports herself up onto the cliffs during the final fight. From her perch, she snipes players down on the ground. Not good!

Take a mesmer portal to be teleported up to her ledge. From there, you can attack her until she leaves her position. Then glide back down to the main battleground and continue.


Near the end of the fight, after Vishen and the Devourer Tank are defeated, Nicabar’s Copter will come into play. Several crates of Charrzookas will appear on the battleground. Grab one and use it to shoot Nicabar’s Copter when it’s in range.

Drizzlewood Coast Participation

If you are not familiar with WVW, then the Participation system on this map may be new to you.

Every 10 minutes, you will get rewards based on how many camps have been captured on the map, and your participation. To see your current reward tier and participation, hover your mouse pointer over the chest icon on the edge of your minimap.

WARNING: If you log out or leave the map, you will lose your participation. If this happens, you start over at 0%.

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