Drizzlewood Coast Overview

Drizzlewood Coast Guild Wars 2

Introduced during the first chapter of “No Quarter,” the Drizzlewood Coast GW2 map features an ongoing map-wide meta event, new mechanics, and gorgeous scenery.

How to Get to Drizzlewood Coast

There are only three ways to get to Drizzlewood Coast:

  • Complete the story mission “No Quarter” from The Icebrood Saga episode 3.
  • Use a Drizzlewood Coast Portal Scroll. You have to buy this from a vendor on the map, so you need to have one character already in Drizzlewood Coast. However, you can use this to bring additional characters to the map.
  • Join a party or squad of players already in Drizzlewood Coast, then use a Teleport to Friend to travel to them.

Charr Copter Airdrop

This map features airdrops which act similar to a waypoint, with a few key differences:

  • You get dropped off in the air, instead of on the ground. You can either float slowly to the ground, or use the “Cut Parachute” skill to cut your parachute and fall at normal speed.
  • You pay 5 War Supply to use an airdrop.
  • You can airdrop while zones are contested, and while you are dead or in combat.

War Supply

War Supply is the map currency for Drizzlewood Coast. You can earn War Supply by doing events.

Charr Commendations

As you do events in Drizzlewood Coast, you earn Charr Commendations. You can choose to donate these tokens to a specific warband, or you can have them dispersed equally across all four (this is the default).

There are achievements for donating Charr Commendations to a particular legion. In addition to Achievement Points and other loot, this is how you get recipes for the Stormcaller weapons.

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