Earn Karma from Orphans During Wintersday

An orphan girl from the Guild Wars 2 Wintersday event

It is possible to earn a LOT of karma during GW2 Wintersday by handing out wrapped gifts to orphans in Divinity’s Reach.

Make Wrapped Gifts to Give Orphans

Talk to the Charity Corps Seraph in the Crown Pavilion of Divinity’s Reach.

Buy Wrapping Paper and Toy Skins from this NPC. Then turn those into Wrapped Gifts.

Load Up on Karma Buffs

Before you go looking for orphans, stack up as many karma buffs as you can.

  • If you have the expansion packs and belong to a guild with tavern buffs, get the karma buff.
  • Look for karma banners around the Wintersday area in Divinity’s Reach. Many guilds will drop them for players, especially after reset.
  • Use a Winter’s Blessing snow globe, which you earn after every 5 times you complete the Wintersday dailies.
  • Eat one of the Wintersday utility consumables: Fruitcake, Peppermint Oil, or Icicle. And one of the Wintersday food consumables (ice cream).

Find Orphans and Give Them Gifts

Now run around Divinity’s Reach giving those Wrapped Gifts to orphans. Each orphan will accept one present per day, and will reward you with karma.

We highly recommend using the TacO overlay for Wintersday. TacO has a set of markers for Wintersday orphans in Divinity’s Reach. Instead of having a YouTube guide open on your phone or second monitor, use TacO!

For more information about TacO, including step-by-step instructions for installing and using it, see our TacO guide.

If you prefer not to use TacO, there are several maps of orphan locations available. The map at GW2timer.com includes a route so you can be sure to hit every orphan without having to backtrack.


Do this every day during the Wintersday event!

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