Tixx’s Infinirarium Guide

Tixx loading screen for Guild Wars 2 Wintersday

This GW2 walkthrough and strategy guide covers all the basics you need to know to farm presents in Tixx’s Infinirarium during Wintersday. Known simply as “Tixx,” this seasonal dungeon will earn you 50 presents the first time you complete it each day, and 25 presents every time after.

You will need at least a few other players to complete Tixx. You don’t need a full party, but the more players you have with you, the faster you will complete it. Use LFG to find a party to join.

Gather Presents

Pick up presents and bring them to the Princess Doll on the central pavilion.

Skritt will try to pick up the presents and run away with them. If you successfully attack the skritt stealing the present, the skritt will drop the presents. You can then pick them up and deposit them.

However, the skritt in the Infiniararium have a lot of health, and a lot of friends, and hit pretty hard. It’s more efficient to ignore the skritt thieves and keep looking for fresh presents.

Paint the Princess Dolls

Pick up a makeup gun (Plasma Paint Cannon) from the central pavilion, and use it to shoot Princess Dolls. There are 40 dolls in total. You can watch the count in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. The last few dolls can usually be found running around behind the big scenery pieces, around the farthest edge of the map.

Defend the Hamlet

This is one of two straightforward “cap the objective” phases. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a party with one or more players who insist that everyone:

  • Kill everything except one designated Veteran Skritt
  • Stand outside the circle and “pull” the skritt outside

In my experience, these tactics don’t actually make the event go any faster. At best, you might shave a few seconds off your time. But it’s not worth arguing with them. Be a good sport and play along with their request.


Hostile seed turrets appear, and must be destroyed. Usually the players split up, with half moving clockwise around the map, and half moving counter-clockwise.

Defend the Ventari

Hang out near the Ventari toys and kill all the hostile Princess Dolls.

Eight Waves of Toy Soldiers

After you have done Tixx enough times, you will learn the order in which the toy soldiers appear.

Defend the Griffon Aerie

The second “cap the objective” event. As before, some players will insist you do this event a particular way. Just do it – it’s not worth arguing about.

Kill Tar Elementals and Oil Machines

Two orange circles appear on the map, indicating two machines which need to be oiled with the ooze from Tar Elementals. Kill the Tar Elementals, which will drop balls of ooze. Pick up these balls and apply them to the machines.

Save yourself a bit of effort, and start with the Tar Elementals closest to the machines.

Fight the Upstairs Skritt

Head up the stairs and take the teleporter to the next level. Kill four groups of hostile skritt.

Note: You will need to teleport off this level. Don’t try to jump, your glider and mounts won’t work here! You will die, and it will be embarrassing.

Gather Plant Food

Similar to phase 1 (gather presents), here you have to gather bundles of Plant Food and give them to the Ventari toy at the central pavilion. Skritt will try to steal the Plant Food. You can attack them to retrieve it, but it’s not worth the trouble.

Typically, your party will be able to gather 11 bundles of Plant Food before they run out, and everyone has to wait for them to respawn. This is a good time to run around destroying environmental objects if you need the achievement. The best place to wait for the second spawn of plant food is in the grid of walls directly north of the central pavilion.


In theory, you’re supposed to attack the Unstable Toy Golems and get them to explode, damaging Toxx. In practice, use condition attacks to wear down Toxx’s breakbar, then throw a lot of DOTs (Damage Over Time attacks), like Bleed and Burn. Toxx can usually be killed within three burns. (Power creep? What power creep?)

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