EOD Journey 2: To Cantha

GW2 EOD splash screen

I have to admit, Taimi was right. I needed rest.

Feeling slightly more sentient after a nap, I followed the story face-first into a bad-for-me aerial battle. I struggled to keep my eyes on my character and tune out the flickering, flashing, whooshing visual effects that threatened to set off a migraine.

I’ve had trouble with flashing lights in story instances before. In fact, I met my current boyfriend when he helped me with a story instance in Glint’s Lair that was triggering migraine for me.

I vaguely recall hearing Mai Trin yelling at me? I would have liked to explore that further, or at least stop and listen to what she had to say, but I was having some tunnel vision issues at the time. Luckily I made it through, but not without some side effects. Glad I took that nap earlier, or it would have been a lot worse.

The next thing I knew, I was in prison with Gorrik, who wasn’t taking it well. We were soon released, but I snatched up a roll of bandages before I left. You never know when you might need bandages.

GW2 Cantha EOD roll of bandages

While Detective Hottie (checks notes) I mean Detective Rama (scribbles on notes) Detective Hottie waited for me to sign my release forms, I looked up the voice actor. Noshir Dalal has an extensive career, but I recognized him most as the voice of Charles Smith in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Soon enough I was released on my own recognizance. This meant wandering around taking screenshot after screenshot, exclaiming at the vivid beauty of the new map.

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