EOD Journey 3: Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Shing Jea monastery gw2 eod

This is a busy week for me, but I managed to grab half an hour to play before work. There doesn’t seem to be much going on in this zone, which may help explain why I didn’t encounter a single other player while I was there.

Also it was 6:45 on a Tuesday morning. That might have something to do with it.

I found two events. The first was “Help the sailors deliver their goods.” I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do. I accepted a fish from a man on the docks, then accidentally dropped it 10 feet away.

Apparently there’s some kind of fish-delivery mechanic I’ll need to work out before I can complete this event. Another time, perhaps.

The second event was an escort mission, but the NPC was bugged and wouldn’t move. “Sucks to be you,” I told him, and left.

Bugged NPC Officer Roz escort mission gw2 eod

Fashion Wars 2 side note: I’m starting to feel like my Prize of the Boneskinner backpiece and Metal Legion Band T-Shirt aren’t really working with the Shing Jea aesthetic.

Prize of the Boneskinner backpack and Metal Legion band t-shirt GW2

My Mini Beach Gourdon also kinda spoils the effect, but I love him too much to pick a different one.

Without time to get involved in anything serious, I fell back on some of my favorite in-game pastimes: Eavesdropping on NPCs and generally snooping around.

I found a man having a lengthy heart-to-heart with his water buffalo.

Worker having a long therapy session with his water buffalo

Got my first look at a siege turtle.

siege turtle GW2 EOD

Examined the food you can’t buy at local food carts. (Rude.)

Food cart at Shing Jea monastery gw2 eod

And was delighted to find one of my favorite NPCs, Snargle Goldclaw. This time having an argument about his latest slashfic with his publisher, Kippo.

Snargle Goldclaw's slashfic gw2 eod

Sounds like he’s working on publishing the highly-anticipated (by me) sequel to Destiny’s Pledge.

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