EOD Journey 4: Just let me rest here a little while longer

Temple vista Seitung Province gw2 eod

I need the peace of Seitung Province. I crave it. I’ve spent thousands of hours playing Guild Wars 2, and never had an experience as calm and relaxing as puttering around this map.

Seitung Province gw2 eod

Eventually I’ll do all the things there are to do here, and I’ll have no choice but to move on. And once I leave this map, I’ll probably never come back. Why would I? There’s no reason to be here except that it’s beautiful, and blissfully empty of other players, and rich with NPCs and fun little niches and corners to explore.

Seitung Province scary forest gw2 eod

I’ve never played an MMO without any other players around. While it’s true it defeats the entire purpose of an MMO, it’s also a refreshing change. Several times I’ve been startled to realize I’m looking at another player when they suddenly take a mount.

Cat Island Seitung Province gw2 eod

The more time I spend in Seitung Province, the more reluctant I am to leave. Can’t I just spend the rest of my days wandering around a pleasant garden, exploring a spooky forest, and visiting Pickle on Cat Island?

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