EOD Journey 6: Catch of the Day

GW2 EOD fishing

If you thought I wasn’t making much forward progress in GW2 before, imagine what it’s like now that I’ve figured out fishing!

Speaking of fishing, I have a new goal pinned to my heart: Fishing Hat and Fishing Vest sold by Lin in the Fishing Hamlet. Just look at my character! She’s ready to retire to Montana to spend the rest of her days fly fishing in peace.

fishing vest gw2 eod

Until then, we have a bunch of fights to win, faces to bash, etc.

I appreciate that the Hero Challenges in Seitung Province are at that sweet spot of “difficult but possible to solo.” It’s nice not to have to wait for a HP train to carry you through these fights with 40 other players.

Seitung Province hero challenge gw2 eod

When playing the game became too much work, I earned some achievement points by riding around on the raptor taxi.

Raptor Taxi gw2 eod

Raptor Taxi coming through, beep beep!

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