EOD Journey 8: Hunt for the Mega Prawn

Kryta fisher GW2 EOD

Why am I so reluctant to leave Seitung Province? I don’t know, except that it probably has something to do with the crushing weight of existence.

First I told myself, “I won’t leave Seitung Province until I get map completion.” Then I got map completion and told myself, “I won’t leave Seitung Province until I finish the fishing collection.” And so began my hunt for the Mega Prawn.

The first thing to note about fishing in GW2 is that, not to state the obvious, but when a fish’s description says “daytime” or “nighttime,” it’s referring to the in-game day/night cycle. Also, be aware that the day/night cycle for Cantha is a little different from the rest of the map.

Daytime fishing GW2 EOD

Tip: GW2 is pretty bright, even at night. If you don’t have access to a timer, look up at the sky. If you see stars, it’s nighttime on your map.

Night fishing in GW2 EOD

With all this in mind, I set out to catch the last fish I needed for the Seitung Province Fisher achievement. The Canthan night cycle syncs up with my real-world morning and lunchtime routines, so I fished over breakfast and lunch for several days in a row with no luck.

I did some investigation online and found a rumor that Mega Prawns are more common in the northeast quadrant of the map. Everyone admits this is probably superstition, but that it worked for them.

Dear reader, it’s probably superstition, but it worked for me.

I got my Mega Prawn and immediately thought, “Okay… maybe I’m finally ready to leave Seitung Province.”

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