Getting Bigger Bags

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It doesn’t take long for a new Guild Wars 2 player to get the dreaded “inventory full” alert.

GW2 will give you some minor bags, and there are merchants in the starter areas who sell small 4-slot bags. But even experienced players may be wondering, how can I get some bigger bags?

Crafting Bags

You can craft inventory bags with the Leatherworker, Tailor, and Armorsmith crafting disciplines. Of these, Armorsmith is probably the most affordable route for crafting bags, due to the relatively high material costs for leather and fabric.

The main cost in crafting bags is the Rune of Holding. These go from 5 silver for Minor Rune of Holding (10-slot bag), up to 1 gold 25 silver for a Superior Rune of Holding (20-slot bag).

32-slot craftable bags were added with the Path of Fire expansion pack. Be warned that, in total, these cost approximately 2,700 gold to craft.

Buy Bags in WvW

The most affordable high-slot bags in Guild Wars 2 are found in WvW. The Outfitter sells 18-slot Pillager’s Packs for only 1g + 75 Badges of Honor.

Earn Bags From Fractals

If you enjoy running Fractals, the Fractal vendor BUY-4373 sells 20-slot bags for 150 Fractal Relics + 10 silver.

Buy Bags With Candy Corn

You can turn candy corn into a 20-slot bag. The festival vendor in Lion’s Arch sells a 20-slot Halloween Pail for three Candy Corn Cobs. If you don’t have enough candy corn to make the cobs yourself, you can buy them on the Trading Post for around 4 gold each.

Get Bags From Story and Leveling

Various story and character milestones will earn you bags:

  • Get a character to level 3: 4-slot bag
  • Personal story level 10: 4-slot bag
  • Personal story level 20: 8-slot bag
  • Personal story level 30: 8-slot invisible bag
  • Earn 100 AP: 10-slot bag
  • Finish “A Bug in the System” Living World Season 4: 20-slot bag

Earn Bags From Achievements

Two 20-slot bags can be easily earned as collection rewards:

The Lasting Bonds achievement track for Living World Season 4 will ultimately earn you a 32-slot bag.

18-Slot Versus 20-Slot Bags

As gamers, we always want to buy the biggest and best. But when it comes to bags, if you analyze the price difference between an 18-slot and a 20-slot bag, you might decide it’s just not worth it.

For example, one of the most affordable bags is the Pillager’s Pack, which you can buy in WvW:

  • 18-slot Pillager’s Pack: 1g 50s + 75 Badges of Honor.
  • 20-slot Pillager’s Pack: 7g + 350 Badges of Honor.

This breaks down to:

  • 18-slot: 8s 3c + 4 Badges of Honor per slot
  • 20-slot: 35s + 17.5 Badges of Honor per slot

Put another way, the first 18 slots cost 8s each, but the 2 extra slots in a 20-slot bag will cost you 3g each.

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