How to Get Rid of “The Sad Glowing Man”

The Anomalous Vision sad glowing man in Guild Wars 2

Are you being plagued by the vision of a sad, glowy man in GW2 that no one else can see? Think you’re going crazy? You’re not! He’s real, and we know how to get rid of him forever.

Players report seeing this strange figure in all aspects of the game – not just regular PvE but story instances, dungeons, raids, fractals, PvP, you name it. The ghostly figure appears with a thunderclap, appears to do the /cry emote (puts his face in his hands and sobs), then mysteriously disappears.

The good news is, you’re not going crazy. The Sad Anomaly is a client-side NPC. This means that he randomly appears for each player alone, and is not visible to anyone else at the time.

What Is This Ghost?

Some people call him “the Guild Wars 2 Slenderman.” Others call him the “Sad Ghost.” But his real name is Anomalous Vision, and he is part of the Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly Current Events chain from June, 2016.

How To Stop The Glowing Man

To get rid of this nuisance, you just need to finish the Burden of Choice event chain. After this, the vision of the glowing man will stop appearing for you.

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