Grothmar Valley Legion Keys

GW2 Grothmar Valley Legion Keys

The four main meta events in the GW2 Grothmar Valley map each reward participants with a different Legion key. Learn how to get these keys, and how to use them to unlock more treasure.

Earn Legion Keys from Grothmar Valley Meta Events

Grothmar Valley is home to four main meta events, each of which rewards participants with the related Legion key. You can earn one key per event per day.

  • Ooze Pits: Blood Legion Key
  • Metal Concert: Iron Legion Key
  • Effigy: Flame Legion Key
  • Doomlore Shrine: Ash Legion Key

These four events are on timers, which you can check on the Event Timers page on the official wiki.

Use Legion Keys

When you have collected one of each of the four keys, proceed to the entrance of Vault of the Khan-Ur. Interact with each of the four locks. This consumes each key in turn. After you unlock the fourth, the vault opens, and you can loot the chests inside.

Note: You can only open the vault once every 24 hours.

Keep or Sell Legion Keys?

If you use all four Legion keys, you can loot the Chest of the Khan-Ur plus five Grothmar Valley chests.

Chest of the Khan-Ur has a chance to drop:

  • One of the four Legion keys
  • Hatched Chili Pepper Home Instance Node (tradeable version)
  • Rare: One of the following unique weapons
    • Bloodletter
    • Flamewalker
    • Ashfall
    • Ironsight Bolt Thrower
  • Very Rare:

Given the low drop rate of the high-value items, and the high price of Legion Keys on the Trading Post, it makes more sense to sell your Legion Keys. If there’s a specific item you want to buy, use the money from selling Legion Keys to buy that item on the Trading Post.

Legion Key Achievements

Two achievements are related to unlocking the Vault of the Khan-Ur.

  • Bound by Blood Mastery: Secrets of the Khan-Ur. Unlock the vault for 5AP.
  • Bound by Blood Mastery: Additional Secrets of the Khan-Ur. Unlock the vault for 1AP per time, repeatable to a max of 10 AP.

Photo by Angela Merenkova on Unsplash

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