Grothmar Valley Hatched Chili Guide

GW2 Hatched Chili Peppers

Hatched Chilis are the map currency for the GW2 Grothmar Valley map. You can harvest or earn them from events. Learn how to get Hatched Chilis, and what to buy with them.

Harvest Hatched Chilis

You can gather Hatched Chilis from harvesting nodes around Grothmar Valley. These nodes are marked with a green chili pepper icon on the map.

Sometimes when you gather a Hatched Chili, the resource node spawns a Devourer. If you kill this Devourer, it may drop an extra Hatched Chili.

This bonus Devourer is different from the Arid Devourers which often mob Hatched Chili nodes. Arid Devourers usually spawn from a nearby Devourer Nest.

TIP: Destroy 100 Devourer Nests in Grothmar Valley for the “Pest Control” achievement (5 AP).

Hatched Chili Spawn Rate

Hatched Chili nodes have an unusual mechanic to prevent people from over-farming.

Each GW2 account can gather from 50 Hatched Chili nodes per day, not including the Home Instance Node. When you hit this cap, all Hatched Chili nodes will wait 24 hours (NOT daily reset) before respawning.

Earn Hatched Chilis

Hatched Chilis drop as rewards for events and chests throughout Grothmar Valley. Some of the easiest ways to farm Hatched Chilis are:

  • Strike Mission: Shiverpeaks Pass (3)
  • Map complete Grothmar Valley (25)
  • Complete the Daily Grothmar Valley (5)
  • Complete the Icebrood Saga story missions A Race to Arms, Bad Blood, Coming Home, Deeper and Deeper (10 each)
  • Chest at the end of Khan-Ur’s Gauntlet jumping puzzle (5)

Hatched Chili Home Instance Node

If, like me, you’re obsessed with collecting Home Instance Nodes, you will want to get a Hatched Chili Home Instance Node. This node comes in two versions: account-bound and tradeable.

The tradeable Hatched Chili Home Instance Node is a rare drop from completing meta events and the Strike Mission in Grothmar Valley. You can buy this version from the Trading Post for around 4-5 Gold.

The account-bound Hatched Chili Home Instance Node is sold by the Rally Provisioner in Grothmar Valley. This version costs 5,000 Volatile Magic plus 60 Gold.

In other words, it’s cheaper to buy this node on the Trading Post.

What to Buy with Hatched Chilis

The Rally Provisioner in Grothmar Valley sells items in exchange for Hatched Chilis. Many of these items are only available for purchase after you unlock their related achievement. The full list of items which can be unlocked is posted on the official wiki.


  • Bootleg VIP Pass (grants the title “Festival VIP”)


  • Metal Legion T-shirt
  • Ash, Blood, Iron, and Flame Legion banner skins (backpiece skins)
  • Voice of Metal (warhorn skin)

Collection Items


  • Mini Crecia Stoneglow
  • Mini Bangar Ruinbringer

Guild Hall Decorations

  • Charr Scrap Cannon
  • Charr Heliplatform
  • Branded Devourer Monument
  • Charr Tank


  • Firebreather Chili
  • Spicy Moa Wings
  • Carne Khan Chili
  • Green Chile Ice Cream
  • Carne Khan Chili Feast

Photo by Oussama Bck on Unsplash

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